The VII Festival of Sacred Music enlivened the Semana Mayor

With different vocal and instrumental interpretations, sacred music accompanied the liturgical ceremonies within the framework of Holy Week.

With presentations in Ibagué, Guamo and Carmen de Apicalá, today the VII Festival of Sacred Music that took place from March 31 and adorned the liturgical meetings that took place in different municipalities with strong religious tradition in Tolima during the Holy Week.

The event, which was postponed the previous year due to the pandemic, is the first to be carried out by the Government in a blended way, allowing the artists to resume the stages and the connection with the public, after a year marked by the absence of large open events. to the community.

“As a musician, I can say, contact with people is vital, necessary, we are helping the economic reactivation and people enjoy a wonderful event, reflection and music,” said Jaiber Bermúdez, Departmental Director of Culture.

With the implementation of biosafety protocols and with capacity control in each of the presentations, attendees were able to enjoy great musical performances by the hand of regional talent trained in the Conservatories of Ibagué and Tolima and with extensive experience at the national level.

The space that sought an encounter with faith, allowed people of all ages, reunited with their family, to enjoy a unique setting with the interpretation of important works, which served to commemorate the Passion of Christ and the Stations of the Cross until his crucifixion.

The children, the great assistants

The variety of stages arranged in the Festival also allowed the little ones to enjoy the meeting and see on stage the harvest of successful musicians who are trained in Tolima.

Accommodated in the chairs arranged with the required social distancing and accompanied by their parents, the children were attentive to the musical show and even dared to leave the sound of the instruments and voices that accompanied each event as a souvenir on their cell phones.

“The public feeds us”

The realization of the Festival in addition to the spiritual encounter in the Greater Week, became the reunion of the artists with the public, an appointment that had been postponed due to the health emergency and that generated in the musicians once again pleasant sensations when receiving applause and comments positive for their work.

One of the invited groups was the Ibaguereña musical group Boga Brass, a bronze quintet with a long local and national trajectory that this year is working on its first musical production.

Maestro Juan Miguel Pinto Mera, a member of the quintet, explained the excitement of playing with the public again “it has been a time to forget, but one that generates learning for us, for the musicians this was much needed, we had been preparing, not with the same productivity, but yes with this type of proposals to be able to expose them (…) this scares us in a certain way because one is constant in his work and to stop doing it is to start over, it is the fear that people expect, What do people want, with this confinement, since they can face it after seeing a live group, “said the musician.

The female group Meraki was another luxury team that delighted the parishioners at the Festival and was also grateful for the reception from the public.General.

“They took all the biosecurity implements, they kept their distance from the public and they liked it a lot, we perceive that at the end of each presentation, we received very good comments, in the live we also appreciated positive comments and it filled us with taking a little of our academic music in this very important week (…) the public feeds us through applause, comments and face-to-face support, it is quite important we are yours “, Andrea Kateherine Vanegas, member of Meraki.

The different religious temples and shopping centers also had the important participation of musical groups such as Magnificat Octeto Ensamble, who was in charge of the opening ceremony; Quinteto Sol Classic, Musical Vitale and Sexteto Huellas.

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