The viewer believes that Porziņģis deserves to be included in the symbolic five of the “bubble”

Kristaps Porzingis | Photo: Dallas “Mavericks”

Tyler Watts, a reviewer for Dallas portal The Smoking Cuban, believes that the Dallas Mavericks basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Kristaps Porziņģis deserves to be included in the Orlando’s bubble symbolic five.

As you know, the NBA Main Event is coming to an end. After the coronavirus Covid-19 spread due to the spread of the championship in mid-March, it was resumed in late July. The 22 teams played eight games in the Orlando bubble, and tonight and next night will be the end of the main event. The Eastern Conference has identified all eight units that will take part in the playoffs, while the West will host a mini-play-in tournament between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Grizzlies for the final play-off ticket.

Meanwhile, the NBA plans to identify the most valuable player (MVP) of the bubble, as well as its symbolic team. Wots believes that Porziņģis did not play well enough to earn the title of “bubble” MVP, because, in his opinion, Damian Lilards and Devins Būkers showed much more powerful performance. At the same time, Orlando “Unicorn” played the best basketball of his career with an average of 30.5 points, 9.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists, playing an average of 36.1 minutes in each of the six matches. With such a performance, Porziņģis deserves to be included in the symbolic five of the “bubble”, says Watts.

“Porziņģis was one of six players with more than an average of 30 points in the game. He is divided into the fourth best, and he is the only center in the list of the ten most successful basketball players. The 25-year-old basketball player was more aggressive at both ends of the field. Yes, at times aggression worked against him, because in three games Porziņģis collected the norm of notes. But in Orlando, he showed himself in all his glory, ”says the spectator.

“He had four games with 30 or more points, throwing at least 22 in each of the six matches. Kristaps made the show every time he came to Orlando. His figures and Hailai with his participation are firmly embedded in the memories of the fans. That alone is enough to earn a place in the symbolic five of the “bubble”. In all matches after the resumption of the NBA, Porziņģis demonstrated the performance of the star game level, ”says Vots.

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In the first round of the play-off, the Los Angeles Clippers will face Dallas. The opening match of the series will take place on the night of August 18 at 4:00 Latvian time.

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