The Vieilles Pédales festival should be renewed next year, in Chartres

“We are in tune with the times, in something authentic. And we managed to create a relaxed “village” atmosphere, that’s exactly what we wanted”, summed up, this Sunday, May 15, Sébastien Lepeltier, the president of the Vieilles Pédales association, initiator of the first festival of the same name. which took place on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May, on Place Châtelet and on Butte des Charbonniers. “And cycling is all the more on the rise now that it is at the crossroads between the worlds of the environment and tourism. »

Lovers of the little queen meet at the Vieilles Pédales, in Chartres

“The other attraction of this festival is its ‘vintage’ side”, adds Benoît Broust, an active member of the association. “It immerses us in the time when the cycle industry, which disappeared in the 1990s, was very important in France. »About forty stands offered all sorts of bicycle-related objects, and more particularly vintage bicycles.

In fact, during the two days, many visitors walked the aisles of the festival, where around forty exhibitors had taken place. To sell, in particular, “vintage” bicycles, but also all kinds of objects related to the world of two wheels: jerseys, frames, handlebars, mechanical parts…

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Back from the Jacques Perrot walk.

Eure-et-Loir: meeting with Pierre Davignon, the passionate bicycle collector

“In the spirit, of course, we were a little inspired by the Anjou Vélo Vintage gathering, the benchmark in the field, but we don’t want to compete with this gathering, we want to create our own event”, specifies Sébastien Lepeltier. . Who is counting on word of mouth and on existing networks to offer a slightly more extensive 2023 edition.Vintage or not, the world of cycling is universal.

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