The video where “Rīgas satiksme” controllers hold a man on the ground earns resonance. So what really happened?


While some condemn the controllers’ actions as permissiveness, others wonder why this situation has arisen.

“The controllers state in the explanations that a passenger without a ticket has been found on the bus during the raid. When getting out of the vehicle, the passenger repeatedly hit the controller on the face, as well as with the foot – in the chest area. In order to protect themselves, the controllers restrained the passengers until the arrival of the police, ”explains Baiba Bartaševiča – Feldmane, a representative of Rīgas satiksme.

When the law enforcement officers arrived, the passenger was taken to the station, but two of the employees of “Rīgas satiksme” were taken to a medical institution.

The municipal police confirm that the controllers have acted in accordance with the situation.

See more in the video above.

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