The video of the “Ural dumplings” about a southerner in a fur hat was not shown on television

As the showman noted, in his opinion there was nothing offensive in him.

Postovalov spoke about the sensational video “Ural dumplings” /

The participant of the show “Ural dumplings” Roman Postovalov explained why the video of the team called “Couple in the cinema” was never shown on television. He can only be seen on the YouTube channel of the humorous collective.

“To be honest, I didn’t even know that the video was banned from television. Probably, the STS TV channel was reinsured so as not to hurt someone’s national feelings. I don’t think there was anything offensive there. “

Roman Postovalov

Recall that according to the plot of the video, a couple in love are sitting in the cinema – Ilana Yuryeva and Vyacheslav Myasnikov. At some point, a “brazen decided” appears in the hall and starts talking on the phone. His role was played by Danila Pyatkov.

Then a “southerner in a fur hat” appears in the hall as Roman Postovalov. Pyatkov asks Myasnikov to tell the “southerner” to take off his hat. In response, he declares: “Tell me – I spit your mouth.” Pyatkov gives Myasnikov a pistol to put Postovalov in his place. But in the end, both the “decided” and the “southerner” run away when Myasnikov threatens to commit suicide, reports “TVNZ”.


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