the video game sector is on the rise

The IAD-3D school, located in Montpellier (Hérault), received fewer applications than usual at the start of the 2020 school year, because of the health crisis. The company, specializing in video games and digital arts, opened in 2017 and offers training supervised by video game professionals.

Due to the coronavirus, many student fairs could not be held, explains Valentin Livi, creator of the establishment. For the same reason, we could not organize immersion days or show our premises. It is necessarily complicated to project yourself, just with a flyer or information found on the Internet.“Therefore since Saturday January 9, and until the end of the school year, IAD-3D invites future students to come visit the school.

Part of the IAD-3D school team: Lionel Thibault, teacher and artistic director, Valentin Livi, president and Alban De Luca, technical artist.

Sectors that recruit

However, the video game sector has not suffered of the health crisis. Students have no difficulty finding internships. “From the contacts I have, it’s growing, indicates the 32-year-old man. just like other sectors that use techniques developed by video games.

This is the case for all sectors that use real-time simulation, virtual reality or augmented reality. “This concerns for example the cinema or the real estate sector, through virtual tours, says Valentin Livi. There is also everything that is simulation: for the military, driving schools or the medical sector. For a doctor to be able to operate remotely one day, via a robotic arm for example, he may need virtual elements, 3D models, representing a tool or a body.

With the health crisis, students face economic difficulties, for example because they cannot work alongside their studies. To overcome this precariousness, the school is considering launching a scholarship.

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