The Victorian Sex Party Cluster Triggers The Australian Coronavirus Surge

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The state of Victoria, Australia suddenly recorded a spike in cases corona virus allegedly linked to an orgy cluster in the city of Colac, about 150 km from the city of Melbourne. Police said previously they did not know if last month there was a sex party in Colac.

Locals are reportedly emotional because of such gatherings, which violate restrictions when there is a spike in Covid-19 cases.

Victoria Police said they were only told there was an orgy in a private home on August 29, days after the incident.

“Police were not aware of and approached the address at the time of the incident, and only learned of a potential violation of restrictions from the chief health officer who was also notified in the following days,” a police spokesman said in a statement, citing the report. Herald Sun.

“Upon receiving the report, the Victorian police investigated and will fine the homeowner 1,652 Australian dollars (approx Rp.17.3 million).”

Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews said there was a sudden spike on September 6 from one case to 24 infections. He said it was necessary to continue to enforce restrictions.

“If anyone listens or watches now proves there is further evidence, and I don’t think many people have done it, because they have had this, one person, one case, less than a week in one rural town, 24 people have been infected with this virus, “said Andrews.

In the last 24 hours on Friday (25/9) Australia reported 17 new cases and an additional eight deaths. Until now, Kangaroo Country has 27 thousand cases of corona and 869 fatalities, around 24,464 have been declared cured.

Andrew said the transmission of the virus occurred very quickly which was likened to fire. Until now, he admitted that it was still difficult to control the corona and asked for the cooperation of many parties so that they could reopen restrictions.

“Because if we do that (remove the restrictions) we will not be open at all, we will only start the third wave. Which will cause more damage than this pandemic has done,” he added.

Compared to other cities in Victoira, Colac had recorded nearly 100 cases of Covid-19 in early August related to the Australian Lamb Company’s slaughterhouse cluster. The discovery of the corona case made hundreds of workers and their close contacts isolated.

Not only that, Colac was again exposed to the second wave of corona through community transmission through a man from Melbourne who did not know if he was infected with Covid-19. When he returned to Colac, the man passed the coronavirus throughout the community.


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