“The Verdict Against the Murderer of Jeddah Betrayed”

The Criminal Court in the Saudi city of Jeddah ruled, on Monday, a “decrease of death” against a Saudi accused of killing his wife, in an incident whose chapters unfolded last September and a media woman was known as “the treacherous teacher of Jeddah.”

The court pronounced the verdict in the sixth session of the trial.News 24The husband, who was convicted of killing his wife, a teacher, was “stabbed with a knife,” as the website quoted unnamed sources.

The website said the husband “admitted what he had done” of his act.

News 24 quoted the plaintiffs’ lawyer as saying that “the demands of the victim’s children and family have been fulfilled,” as they “confirmed that there is no available option other than retribution.”

The accused “husband” had confessed to killing his wife after she filed a complaint with the police station, after disagreements between them.

This crime sparked controversy on social media in Saudi Arabia, and the victim’s name, Wafaa Al-Ghamdi, topped the search engines on Twitter, and the pioneers of the communication sites demanded retribution from her husband.

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