the Venezuelan Bean House in Bushwick

Another place to savor the Venezuelan seasoning joins the offer of restaurants in this South American country in Bushwick. A sample of the increase of Venezuelans in Brooklyn.

Cris Vázquez is co-owner of Caraotas Restaurant: “Today we find Venezuelans all over the world. And believe it or not, I was also a little scared; but when I got here I was also very surprised. There is a lot of Venezuelans in the area.”

Caraotas, opened its doors a month ago with the idea of ​​bringing beautiful memories to Venezuelans who try this food. This is how some customers expressed it: “The food is delicious, it reminds me of my grandmother, it reminds me of my uncles.”

This restaurant was born with the idea of ​​creating a Venezuelan and American fusion food franchise. That is why every detail of the food and the design of the place are planned. Even the name has a special meaning.

“The Dominican and Puerto Rican community eats a lot of beans and in Venezuela they are called caraotas. So, to make it a typical name, something that represents the Venezuelan, that people know that it is a Venezuelan place,” explains Anyi Contreras, co-owner of Caraotas. .

But here they are not only concerned with food, but also with dessert. That is why they have a special milkshake and ice cream bar.

And it is that the idea of ​​this restaurant was born in the middle of the pandemic between these two Venezuelans who since they arrived in the United States have worked in this industry.

“We made it bizarre, striking to get out of what is common, habitual, to be something that people want to come and try, take a photo that people want to upload to the networks,” say the owners.

The restaurant is located at 162 Irving Avenue in Bushwick and its design is noticeable from the outside.



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