The veil is a blessing for shy people and revives seduction, experts say

They tend to be mild, reserved and reluctant to be the center of attention. For shy people, staying at work or on the street with their faces covered from nose to chin is a relief, a veil is a blessing for them, writes the French daily Le Figaro.

If the veil suffocates some people, they have difficulty breathing, their skin gets worse, and they encounter bad breath every day, it seems to set others free. Some people are much calmer when they think that they are covered by a mask.

According to psychiatrist Antoine Pelisol, the fact that the veil makes everyday life easier for someone is quite possible. “It hides reactions. For example, people who fear that they will blush in public dream of covering their faces. Above all, facial expressions reflect emotions that are harder to hide than sweating or trembling hands,” said Amélie Rousseau, a psychology professor at University of Lille.

The covid-19 accessory can please a reserved and introverted nature. It makes life more pleasant for those who do not want to be observed, who are afraid of the view or judgments of others. “Some sensitive people may also want to have a shell so that their inner world is not visible to everyone,” adds psychiatrist Jean-Christophe Seznec.

According to psychoanalyst Florence Lautrédou, the veil that everyone wears outside does a bit of a uniform service. “Those who don’t want to attract attention can get out of the house more easily because no one knows what they are. They become part of a whole, it’s like we’re all wearing a blue blouse,” he explains.

For people suffering from great timidity, which almost paralyzes them in everyday life, however, the veil can cause anxiety. “The other person’s face is covered, so a timid person does not see the reaction. So he can feel more insecure and ask: what will he think of me?”, Says psychiatrist Jean-Christophe Seznec.

The veil therefore provides security for those who lack it. It’s what some do spontaneously with makeup. “Everything it protects has a calming side,” says psychologist Amelie Rousseau. It is easier to seize words armed with a mask or to warn someone in a vehicle that it does not have the drape correctly fitted. “We are less afraid of each other’s eyes, the veil protects us,” he adds.

The veil revives the process of seduction

Some characters may even be afraid of the day when protection can be postponed. “We saw it well at a time when anti-coronavirus measures were relaxed. Some people did not want to leave the apartment because they felt safer at home. As the veil calms, some will still wear it for some time,” said Amélie Rousseau.

And when only the eyes are visible, one dares more. The views on the street are more pronounced. “It’s easier to look someone in the eye with a veil, so the looks are more intense. Without protection, many would look away,” says psychoanalyst Florence Lautrédou.

According to Pascal Lardellier, an expert on interpersonal relationships, the veil even revives the process of seduction. It is the effect of a “masquerade ball”, which made it easier to meet the timid. “Erotica stems from revelation. People first approach each other and then let the other penetrate their intimate zone. It’s really about conquering the intimate world, and then people ask: when will I take off the mask?” states.

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