The vain revolt of Colomiers

“It’s too unfair!”, A famous cartoon character from a long time ago would have gladly exclaimed. It is true that without wishing to stir the knife in the wound of bad memories, part of the scenario of yesterday afternoon was not unlike that of the fateful Ligue 2-Ligue 1 barrage of last spring with the ” Téfécé “refereed, to use the time-honored expression,” like a little one “against a legendary club from France, Nantes in this case and its game often cited as a reference.

Let us hasten to point out that, even more than their elders without doubt, the reservists of the Loire, talented and already ahead in terms of tactical maturity, had absolutely no need either of these “facts of the game” (as we modestly say …) To win, the two goals scored being both valid and crystal clear. But all the same, the beautiful revolt, in the wake of an unleashed Mamadou Camara, of the vanquished called to evolve in numerical inferiority, deserved its just reward as much.

So yes, thunder roared, in the second half, on Capitany’s side. On the pitch, but also in the stand, the occupants of which stood up as one man (71st) to claim the penalty (hey, hey …) which seemed indisputable. Except for the main interested party… Still, Colomiers pushed, pushed so much and more, to the point of exposing himself to the inevitable counter-attack, in extra time. Nantes therefore let the storm pass while its host has, somewhere, paid the apprenticeship tax as Patrice Maurel explained: “Yes, our young people have timidly entered the game. But hey, failure is also part of building a group. At the moment, we can’t do it, despite an irreproachable investment as everyone has seen. “


MT : 0-1. Arbitrator: M. Leray assisted by MM. Duarte Pinto and Galibert.

For Nantes B: Achi (27), Chibani (90).

COLOMIERS : Brunerol – Zelmat, Léoni, Argelier (cap.), Zhuri, Faty, Laurens (Guerbert, 54), Serin (Ambongo, 78), Castaing (Camara, 46), Métayer, Cardinali. Entr. : Patrice Maurel.

Warning : Argelier (30).

Expulsion : Argelier (38).

NANTES B: Jan – Sylla, Mustache (Jousselin, 65), Voisine, M’Bemba, Daguin (cap.), Bangoura, Achi, Affamah (Chibani, 74), Manvelyan (Dabo, 65), Doucet. Entr. : Stéphane Ziani.

Warnings: Vosine (15), Bangoura (68).


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