The vaccine ruins Djokovic

08/09/2022 at 06:30


Titles, tournaments, points in the ranking, money… not playing costs the Serbian tennis player dearly

His non-vaccination prevents him from playing on the US tour and he will miss the US Open

Novak Djokovic throws stones at his own roof. It is true that the Serbian has been undaunted and has not been affected by the threats of not being able to participate in important tournaments if he does not get vaccinated. A laudable attitude in part for staying true to his principles but condemning him in the race for being the best tennis player in history. His non-existent North American tour it only brings you negative consequences to accomplish such a feat.

‘Nole’ has already started the year crooked with the unfortunate spectacle that was seen in Australia, being held at the airport and finally deported for not meeting the vaccination requirements to enter. The oceanic ‘major’ was only the first big event that was lost, although it weighs more than any other since it is the Grand Slam that has won the most times and was a firm candidate for the title. To make matters worse, Rafa Nadal took advantage of his absence and with an epic final against Medvedev broke the triple tie at 20 majors with Federer and Novak himself to add his 21st crown. At Roland Garros, where he eliminated Djokovic in the quarterfinals, he got his 22nd.

He was not in Australia and was not in the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells or Miami. He breathed that of Belgrade by being able to compete on the clay tour and especially at Wimbledon, where he was relentless and closed the gap by adding his 21st Grand Slam. But it seems that that of the All England Club may have been one of the last joys of Goran Ivanisevic’s pupil.

’empty’ calendar

And it is that of the four Grand Slam and eight Masters 1000 that the season has, Djokovic has only participated or may be in six of them. He did it in Monte Carlo, Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros and Wimbledon, and now he will only have the last of the Masters 1000 in Paris and the ATP Finals. in between will not be able to play in Montreal, Cincinnati and the US Opensince the vaccine is mandatory to enter Canada and the United States.

Beyond losing the competitive rhythm, which is not little, his main rival Rafa Nadal will have the possibility of being able to extend distances with him again. Rafa will not finally be in Montreal to recover one hundred percent physically. The Balearic has between eyebrows to add his 23rd Grand Slam, which would be the third of the season. His fight is practically only based on that.

drop in ranking

Nadal ignores the ranking, although he could finish the year as number one, and neither does Djokovic. However, the Serbian is starring in a free fall. The tennis player who has commanded the ranking for the most weeks is number six and not being able to defend points will only allow him to drop more positions, although his participation in the Masters Cup is not in danger in principle.

To all this, ‘Nole’ is added not being able to increase his emoluments as a tennis player. With so many years in the elite and being an advertising icon, the Belgrade player is not interested in these pecuniary aspects. But hold on, because not having played many of these important tournaments plus the ones he won’t be able to play, Djokovic is giving up fighting for sums of money that exceed eleven million dollars.

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