The Vaas madman is going to Far Cry 6 as part of the first DLC

The first additional package for Far Cry 6 has a release date. A well-known lunatic arrives in the latest part of the shooter from Ubisoft Vase Montenegro next week.

Vase you main villain Far Cry 3 and is considered one of the most interesting arch-enemies in this series. As part of an additional package Vaas: Insanity you can look forward to it on November 16 this year. The DLC can be purchased separately, as well as being part of the Season Pass.

The release date was announced by Michael Mando, the actor who played Vaase in Far Cry 3 and who has returned to play the iconic lunatic again. A trailer will surely follow soon. In the meantime, let’s remember what we know about DLC.

How is it possible that Vaas will be in Far Cry 6when the game takes place completely differently? Well, the Ubisoft developers have said that Vaase and other well-known villains in the Far Cry series will offer us a nightmare. He will gradually get to Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 and Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5.

Ubisoft has indicated that DLC will bring different gameplay and offers crazy momentsthat go beyond what happened in the works themselves. In other words, we will be able to look into the twisted minds of the bad guys and experience some of the distinctive moments from the previous episodes, while learning their background and “Find out what it’s like to become a villain“. And yes, we will play for them.

It is also interesting that the individual DLCs will rogue-like. The longer you stay in the mind of each negative, the more you will be able to unlock perks and find more weapons. With each death and another attempt, you will “be able to use your knowledge to move forward in the negative’s mind.”



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