The US House of Representatives passed a record defense budget

That’s nearly $80 billion more than the 2022 budget and $45 billion more than the Joe Biden administration requested in the spring.

The document provides for the allocation of at least 800 million dollars for further military aid to Ukraine. This is 500 million more than requested by the White House.

Up to ten billion dollars over the next ten years will be allocated to support Taiwan’s defense.

Six billion are earmarked for an initiative to deter the threat of war in Europe.

First of all, we are talking about countermeasures against Russia. The document provides for a five-year ban on defense cooperation with Russia.

The document also provides for full payment for the construction of the new B-21 strategic bombers. The Army can purchase an additional 36 F-35 fighters. The fleet will receive 32 billion for the construction of new ships.

Now the law on the military budget must be approved in the Senate. The document is expected to pass smoothly in the upper house of Congress. It will then be submitted to the president for signature.

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