The US Federal Reserve raises the dollar interest rate by 0.75%

The US Federal Reserve has announced that it will raise the key dollar interest rate by 75 basis points, by 0.75%, according to Sky News.

It is reported that Mohamed Shady, an analyst and economics expert, said that the US Federal Reserve is trying to control the high inflation rates the US is facing in recent times, so it has paid aid packages of up to $ 9 billion. during the Corona period.

Shadi added, in a telephone interview with the “Nono” program with the media, Shafki Al-Muniri, on Channel One of the Egyptian TV, that the large benefits approved by the US Federal Bank led investors to leave large countries to head to the United States, to take advantage of the great investment opportunities after the price increase.

The analyst and economic expert explained that the decisions of the US Federal Reserve raised the price of the local currency of the United States, “the dollar”, and for the first time exceeded the price of the dollar, the euro, due to the recent increase in interest rates, noting: “As regards documentary credits, approved by the Central Bank in an attempt to regulate the import sector and stop the gambling attempts of importers, and at the same time to tackle inflation and preserve the dollar, which are procedural obstacles to the dollar’s exit, and when the connotations of the crisis became clear recently, the Central Bank decided to relax the measures, in light of the tendency to reduce goods in ports.

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