the US coronavirus vaccine is growing faster


We must not forget that the United States has been hit head-on by an increase in contamination. The south of the country is even affected by a significant wave while the confinement still seems to be relevant in some states. We learn today that the development of the Moderna vaccine is rapid and it is progressing very well since scientists have just started the third phase of clinical trials. In France, Sanofi is expected to offer these in September for placing on the market in the first half of 2021.

A race against the clock for a vaccine against the Covid-19

Today, the situation is problematic in the United States with an increase in cases. It is also valid for Croatia, Morocco, Brazil or even Serbia and even France. Indeed, a renewed epidemic seems to be at the rendezvous for Paris and Marseille. For the southern city, these are imported cases, especially for people returning from the Maghreb. In any case, the USA has decided to embark on the development of a vaccine and the Moderna company is advancing rapidly.

  • It is important to note that the RNA type vaccine is quite different from the ones you can find in various news.
  • The third phase of clinical trials is therefore launched, we will have to wait to know if this vaccine can effectively fight against coronavirus.
  • According to the 20 minutes newspaper, there are still 200 teams working on the production of a vaccine.
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The stake is important since only the vaccine will eradicate this disease. Obviously, barrier gestures are essential, but we must not lower our vigilance, because the spread can be rapid. While the level in Mayenne has been increased due to a significant vulnerability, we learn from this newspaper that nearly 20 vaccines are under study. As a result, the American company remains the first to also be ahead in the development of this product.

Modern tests the first vaccine on humans

Other developments are not yet at this stage of research, so it will be necessary to wait for September in particular for Sanofi. However, the United States has shown that it is clearly ahead. Indeed, human testing started with clinical studies. Of course, you will have to wait to know if the results are up to all expectations. For now, 30,000 people have been integrated into this program according to the newspaper. If the results are conclusive, the USA will no doubt have developed the first coronavirus vaccine for individuals. We must therefore cross our fingers when the situation could really escalate in the coming months.

Some believe that a second wave will inevitably be in September, after the summer holidays or during the fall. However, Sanofi will not be able to sell its vaccine since clinical trials have not started. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the results for Moderna are promising. Indeed, the first two phases for clinical trials are interesting. Antibody development is due to a second dose which is injected with an interval of 28 days. Side effects have been identified, but they are described as normal.

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