The US Causes All the Suffering in Lebanon


BEIRUT – Head of the Executive Council of the resistance movement Lebanon , Hizbullah , Hashim Safi Al-Din said all the suffering in Lebanon today is directly or indirectly caused by United States of America (AS).

“Today, the one destroying Lebanon is the United States, which continues to meddle in the affairs of this country,” Safi Al-Din was quoted as saying by Iranian news agencies. Fars from the Al-Ahed news site, Saturday (17/7/2021).

Safi Al-Din pointed to US sanctions against Lebanon, adding the US had targeted the needs of everyone in the region with sanctions.

In his remarks, Safi Al-Din said US tyranny is targeting Lebanon, Palestine and any place in the region where there is dignity and resistance.

“The Americans came to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria to carry out (acts of) sabotage, and they sent weapons and missiles to Yemen to destroy it,” he added.

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The remarks came after Lebanese Prime Minister-appointed Saad Al-Hariri noted that he had abandoned his bid to form a new government, citing disagreements with the country’s President, Michel Aoun, over forming a new cabinet.

Hariri was appointed to form a new government in October following the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab in the aftermath of the deadly Beirut port explosion.

At the same time, Lebanon is experiencing what the World Bank calls one of the worst depressions in modern history, especially in terms of its effect on living standards.

The country’s currency has lost more than 90% of its value since the fall of 2019 and more than half of the population is unemployed as businesses close.

According to the World Bank, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country of six million people dipped around 40 percent to $33 billion last year, from $55 billion in 2018.

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