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On Tuesday, Trump’s estate became Mar-a-Lago searched by FBI agents in connection with the investigation of classified documents on detours.

Neither the Ministry of Justice nor the FBI has so far commented on the case, but on Thursday evening Norwegian time, Justice Minister Merrick Garland confirmed that he personally approved the decision to ask a federal court for the search warrant.

– The Ministry of Justice does not take such a decision lightly. As far as possible, less invasive methods are chosen, says Garland in the statement.

He emphasizes that there was sufficient suspicion to ask a federal court for permission to search and that this was approved by the court.

Will publish documents

He has tonight asked the federal court to make public the search warrant and the list of seizures because of the great interest in the case.

It is not known how long the court will take to possibly release these documents.

Garland says Trump’s lawyers received a copy of the search warrant the same day the raid was carried out, and that they were present at the property while FBI agents searched.

– I want to emphasize that all Americans are subject to the law, says Garland.

Donald Trump says in a statement this evening that his lawyers and representatives have cooperated fully with the FBI and that good contact has been established.

Damned attack

Trump and several of his Republican supporters have accused President Joe Biden’s attorney general of using the judiciary as a political weapon against him.

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Wednesday against threats from angry supporters of Donald Trump after the ex-president’s house was searched. There have been many such threats online.

Garland also responded to the criticism the FBI and the Department of Justice have received in the wake of the action.

– I will not stand idly by and watch as their integrity is unjustly attacked. The men and women of the FBI and Department of Justice are dedicated, patriotic servants, says Garland.

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