The Urn Dispute of Iveta Bartosova: Who Has the Right to Decide?

Everyone thinks that the son should have owned the urn Artur Staidl (26) or mother Svatava (84), Reeve but he has a different opinion. He has had Iveta’s urn at home for 9 years and does not intend to change anything about it. “How did the family, including Artur, treat Ivetka? They haven’t experienced it, they’re just abusing it, so what would they want? They’ll never get her!” the Magistrate is convinced. “Who else has more claim to a mother than a child? To take Yvette to Arthur like that is really not done, absolutely no one has the right to do that!” counters Arturo’s nanny Golda Dvořáková (69). Iveta’s twin brother Ivana has the same opinion Bartošová (57). She also thinks that the singer’s family should have the urn, and her nephew Artur has the greatest claim and the right to decide on Iveta’s final resting place.

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But the widower defends himself by saying that Artur has never called him since Iveta’s death and has shown no interest in the urn. When he no longer wanted to give the urn to Artur, he could at least put it in the grave in Říčany, where he set up a lavish grave for Iveta. So far, her friends and fans have nowhere to put a flower. “You know it’s wrong. After all, not only her son Artur, her mother, sister, brother, who would like to do it, but no one at all, can bring her a flower like this! I think it is very wrong, especially towards Arthur,” says Golda. And Rychtář himself only punishes the neighborhood for not paying attention to him after the death of the singer.

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