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Telegram, the instant messaging application with the largest user potential after Whatsapp, comes with a very different update. What’s included in the current update?

In recent days, instant messaging application manufacturers have come up with many remarkable updates as a result of the competition between them. Finally, Telegram offered an important update to its users.

The Telegram application, which has a large user base, will be able to instantly translate real-time messages written in another language into the user’s own language with the update offered to users with premium membership.

On the other hand, traveling telegram users will be able to join groups where they can get information about their location.

In addition, telegram premium users will be able to get a monthly 40 percent discount if they commit to a one-year membership. They will also be able to use emojis and stickers as their profile photo.

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In addition to the instant translation update, there will be new emoji packs. The footprint management feature, which was previously available in the application, will also be easier to use with the new update.

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