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The unusual call that would prove that “El Mochomo” was released in exchange for money


Ángel Casarrubias Salgado, alias El Mochomo, alleged leader of the Guerreros Unidos cartel, was released and re-apprehended in Almoloya (Photo: Saúl López / Cuartoscuro)

Ángel Casarrubias Salgado, alias The Mochomo, alleged cartel leader United Warriors, was released and re-apprehended on Wednesday, July 1 outside the Altiplano prison for links to organized crime.

In this regard, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), confirmed that it had in its possession the evidence of millionaire bribes around the release of “The Mochomo”, also linked to the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa normalistas, according to newspaper reports Reform.

It was not until Thursday, July 2, that the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO) revealed a telephone conversation between the mother of the accused and his lawyer, who talk about handing over money in exchange for Casarrubias’ freedom.

In the call, published exclusively by the newspaper The universal, you listen to Francelia Salgado Patiño, mother of “El Mochomo” and her lawyer, Arturo Rodríguez García, to talk about the alleged handover of money to the staff of Agreements of the Second District Court of Federal Criminal Processes.

The FGR, according to the newspaper, revealed that people close to Casarrubias offered millions of pesos to release him. In the recording, on the other hand, there is talk of an alleged “job” and “agreements” that are supposed to be financial once “El Mochomo” was released.

“As you already know, the evidence and allegations were presented in the morning. In the company of Lawyer Arturo we passed there with the person who is helping us, and well, he already told us that he already has the job ready and was just waiting for us with the tests to take him, make him assert and have all the support, then is already complete ”,

Apparently, his freedom was a fact agreed with times and dates, since it is revealed in the calls that the authorities allegedly expected “progress with the economic issue” to do their part. However, the alleged mother of “El Mochomo” indicates that the money will only be released when his son is released and not before; “Giving and giving”, ensures that it was the original agreement.

“El Mochomo” also linked to the disappearance of the 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa (Photo: Reuters / Henry Romero)

“So I was commenting to his son, this person told us that well, that everything was already done and that if we could move forward with the economic issue, he even quoted me right now at six in the afternoon, that’s why I had told him about the economic issue. But I don’t know, you tell me, ”says a manly voice.

In this regard, the woman’s voice emphasizes that They are serious people, in that they will do their part of the work and in which they will not back down, but the original treatment had to be respected.

No, you tell him that we are serious people, that we are not going to look bad on him

The lady also asks the final act of liberation. The alleged lawyer, for his part, assures that then the agreement will be that “once they tell him that he is leaving the firm”, the work would be finished and then they would release the money.

“Yes, make an account, an example. To let me know at three o’clock in the afternoon: ‘you know what, the boss is already signing it now, just the trades, notify and everything.’ At that moment I notify you to be (…) or so, more or less, giving and giving, they give us the notification and we give them the money, and to have it ready, well … It seems? Because already being signed, it is already a fact, it is just the process of warning and everything; He will notify us at what time it is signed, at what time the judge has already signed it and the orders are drawn, “he says.

“Well, come on then … then there we are. Come on, see you later ”, ends the conversation.


Minutes later they released and arrested “El Mochomo”, allegedly involved in the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa

FGR confirmed that it has evidence of bribes regarding the release of “El Mochomo”

Who is the judge who released Mochomo and was denounced by CJF


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