The United States has shown the power of its supersonic missile

The Americans showed the ARRW tactical missile for the first time. The entire structure was fired faster than sound.

The AGM-183A by Lockheed Martin was responsible for showing the new technology. The vehicle was equipped with the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon missile. The whole thing was carried out using tactical equipment, fully equipped and ready for combat and data collection. Additional ground and flight tests will be carried out in the next 24 months, the American company said.

Supersonic missiles provide high accuracy and firepower, hitting the enemy within a few minutes. The entire ARRW was tested on a B-52 bomber. The US is also considering using the B-1 Lancer to test its weapons.

Regardless of which platform it is on, the ARRW is able to provide high combat quality to the American army. To achieve a supersonic speed above Mach 5, the missile has a special solid-fuel rocket booster. The booster accelerates the projectile to the desired speed, and additional solutions on the projectile allow it to get closer to the target.

The new weapon system will consist of four TEL missile launchers. Each of them will be installed on a modified 40-ton M870 trailer with a command post.

The supersonic missile development program includes delays, and the costs themselves are rising – the US reports that in this case the costs are up to 40 percent higher. from those originally assumed.

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