The Undersecretariat of Communications disappears: SCT

The Undersecretariat of Communications and Technological Development disappears and its functions will be distributed, said Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal, head of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

“We have a restructuring, the Undersecretariat of Communications is going to disappear, the office but not the functions, we are going to rearrange them, but we definitely have to be in the technological advance,” said the head of the SCT in a meeting with members of the Mexican Institute Transport (IMT).

Since the administration began, Salma Jalife heads the Undersecretariat of Communications and Technological Development.

Among the objectives of the Undersecretariat are to promote the deployment of infrastructure for telecommunications and broadcasting, promote social coverage and internet access and develop skills and models for the digital transformation of individuals and institutions in the country.

As well as coordinating the process of elaboration and evaluation of public policies on telecommunications and broadcasting.

This decision is added to what was reported last week by this newspaper when it was announced that the Secretariat is gradually moving from the offices in Toreo Parque Central as part of the austerity program of Q4 but lacks facilities, infrastructure and sufficient equipment to let their workers work in a healthy distance.


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