The UN named the time of the disappearance of African glaciers



African countries will have to spend $ 30-50 billion annually to prevent the consequences of climate change.

Africa’s glaciers could disappear by 2040. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the UN report.

The document says that last year was abnormally warm and broke 30-year records.

“The imminent disappearance of the last remaining glaciers in East Africa, which are expected to melt completely in the near future, signals the threat … of an irreversible change in the Earth’s system,” the report said.

Based on this, experts argue that all three tropical ice fields in Africa – Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Kenya’s Mount Kenya and Ugandan Rwenzoris – could completely disappear by the 2040s. And it will be a real apocalypse for 118 million people who will be faced with drought, floods and unbearable heat.

UN officials estimate that sub-Saharan African countries will have to spend $ 30-50 billion annually, or 2-3% of GDP, on climate change mitigation.

In addition, agriculture is already suffering severely on the continent.

We will remind, earlier experts stated that one third of the area of ​​shelf glaciers in Antarctica may collapse in the sea.

Glaciers are melting six times faster than 30 years ago

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