The UK is about to change its Zero Carbon 2050 contract.

An announcement from Buckingham Palace that King Charles III will do itit’s not comingParticipation in the international conference on global warming (COP 27) in Egypt (to be held from 6 to 18 November this year) causing controversy between intellectuals and civil society groups. including politicians with symptomsdisappointedIn this statement, because COP 27 will be an important meeting that must be promoted around the worldrush to prevent our world from falling into a state that is about to collapseinvadedthat we can no longer live normally

King Charles III, who was appointed by a group of intellectuals. and those who are aware of the serious condition ofglobal warmingnow let it be you The Green King and will play an important role, includinginspiration to motivateto world leadersrushto participate in sincerelyto prevent the global temperature from fluctuating further

with articles in The times of Sunday of England, which revealed Charles was right.orderorAskby the prime minister Liz Trust do not allow him to attend the meeting

Despite the meeting organized byUnited Nations and is consideredcentral organizationThe world has held 26 meetings to raise awareness in the world of the great danger humanity will face in the near future – and now the world is losing lives to severe flooding, giant storms with faster wind speeds than any other era. in history. including rain with unusually large amounts because the water level in the ocean has risen (since the melting of polar snow) Whether it is the Maldives or the islands of the South China Sea that was about to drown … a tsunami that was engulfing the coast of Japan … at the same time.unusual droughtwhere it hasn’t rained for over a year, both in Africa AND many other major fire spots in California. in Australia and many points in Europe and China dodamaged agricultural products More and more people and livestock are dying, the Sunday Times report cited people close to the royal family who claimed Prime Minister Liz Truss had.objectionCharles’s intention to speak at COP 27 this time …follow the instructionsof the Prime Minister as it did not require much will

This will be the first trip abroad during his reign. that will weigh heavily on the United Nations campaign And above all with the host country that will be able to organize the meeting… indeed, at the end of last year he also went to Egypt. and he met with President Al-Sisi To support Egypt’s success in hosting COP 27 this year

More importantly, when the monthNovember of last year Charles (despite being the crown prince) had an important speechOpening of the COP 26 meeting to organizeglasgow city Scotland, which is hosted by England … withQueen Elizabethhe also gave a speech at the opening of the event via video link … forpushto world leaders who participated and including people from all over the worldrealizeAndunitefightturbulent worldBefore it’s too late…

that was in the Prime Minister’s government last year Boris Johnson… before the Russian invasion of Ukraine

In which during the year 2020-2021 the world canstop many activitieswhich just sprays carbon and methane gas comes out because it is a periodconfinementfrom COVID-19 and the world has experiencedThe drastic reduction of gases that cause global warming If we work together and work together seriously We still have enough to stop the world from turbulence at level / one.

but afterfound a vaccine (end of 2020) emedicinal (end of 2021) also happenedeconomic recovery “Journey of revenge” to travel by land, ship, air, as well asloadwhich quickly returned to trade until the amount of carbon and methane returned to surround the world on a high as before the covid performed bymajor disasterin many parts of the world including Thailand

Spokesperson for the British governmentworryYou must hurry to announce it. The fact that His Highness is not going to the opening of this COP 27 meeting isconsentbetween Carlo and the government without pressure from the government; This was followed by an explanation from the Imperial Household to the question ofBBCIn this regard there was no case in which he felt “uncomfortable” and is always aware of the role of the monarchy to playAccording to the advice given by the government “He was always aware of the Sovereign’s role to act on the advice of the government”

It is strange that whenchange of government also havechange policyOr even the weight of the monarch’s role … why Soft power by Carlo He campaigned until he became oneHis symbol of concern for a world that is in such a state of turmoil. from the actions of us humans and actively opposes GMO food … and it should beHelp us build a good image.To the former British Empire that has a good image and takes care of today’s world.

Or is that what the British government wants?play the predominant rolemonarch In the role that the government will havemanagerRather than give credit to the king

But it was analyzed that The British government is recovering from the carbon crisis, from the prices of human food, feed, plant foods (fertilizers) in the world market. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and both the European Union and the UK didsanctions on goods from RussiaA lot … Liz Truss government agreesopen the doorcontinue to explore and drill for fossil energy Fracking oil After all the strict rules, includingback to coalto fight the prices of oil and very expensive LNG

And this could be why the British governmentit will not play an important role in the fight against global warming As promised to compete with the superpowers on zero-carbon reductions by 2050.

Therefore, Charles should not be allowed to play a major role in the fight against global warming this year as well.

Liz Truss, British Prime Minister

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