The UGM expert’s explanation of pertalitis is considered more expensive and runs out quickly– Mechanical Engineering Lecturer at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta Jayan Sentanuhady explained why some vehicle users feel Pertalite more extravagant than before.

Jayan said, if anyone had previously used fuel Pertamax and then move on to Pertalite, then this will be felt.

He explained, in general, Pertamax has a higher calorific value than other fuels. Additionally, Pertamax also has a higher octane rating.

So, if the vehicle owner uses fuel with a lower octane rating, it will cause problems.

“A low octane rating has the potential to cause an engine to auto-start, even knocking. Now this automatic ignition and knocking decreases the power of the engine. So, to get the same potency as Pertamax BBM, it is very natural that a low octane number is more expensive, “he said.

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Pertalite feels more wasteful and wears out quickly

Previously, netizens were busy complaining about Pertalite being considered more expensive after experiencing a price hike some time ago.

This is one of them expressed by the Twitter account @RomitsuT.

Sorry, I have to say what I tried on Matchalite fuel after the price went up to 10,000. Not only does the cost increase by 200-300 rb / month, but is there something strange when the batch is running out quickly? Even now 1 day I have to fill it 2x“wrote the report.

In this upload there is a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation asking the same thing and getting a response that both agree with this assumption.

As of Friday (9/23/2022), the upload has been enjoyed more than 7,355 times and shared more than 2,274 times.

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Warganet’s response to Pertalite is considered more expensive

photo" data-photolink="" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">Twitter screenshot. Warganet complains that the use of the Pertalite fuel type is running out quickly as the price of the fuel has been increased as uploaded by the Twitter account @ferizandra on Wednesday (21/9/2022)-

A number of network users believe and believe that the use of Pertalite fuel becomes more wasteful and runs out quickly after the price increase.

“Yes, I feel the same way too. Pertalite is Ron 90, but how come he looks like Ron 88?” write one of the accounts.

“It seems that the Octane / RON value has been lowered. So the combustion is not perfect, the engine power decreases, finally the gas goes deeper so that the power is equal for such time is not up. Maybe yes, it could be wrong. “ another account said.

“Soon, yes, usually 10 thousand get 1.4 liters, now only 1 liter, the distance traveled remains the same, yes it runs out quickly, usually 10 thousand get 1.4 now 10 thousand get 1 liter,said an account.

Need to be tested in the laboratory

Jayan also said that if someone has already used Pertalite and is now still using Pertalite, there should be no difference.

“It shouldn’t be the same, right? The fuel is still the same, Pertalite with the same specs,” he said.

To determine whether Pertalite consumption is more expensive or not, an engine test bench is required.

“Actually, the way to test to be valid has to be with an engine test bench in the lab. If it’s on the road, it’s often not valid,” he said.

In connection with the alleged existence of a number of network users who have claimed this Pertamine lowering the octane of Pertalite so that it is wasted quickly, he doubts that a company as big as Pertamina is doing it.

“(Delivered) can be processed by mixing in the factory. What is it that the big and famous companies commit fraud? I think why not. His reputation could be ruined if he did, “she said.

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photo-infographic" style="max-width:100%"> Bhayu Tamtomo
Infographic: 8 types of fuel sold by Pertamina

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