The TV series “Douro Continent” launches popular IP and reopens_Growth

Original title: TV series “Douro Continent” starts broadcasting popular IP again

The TV series “Douluo Dalu” starts broadcasting. Photo by Gao Kai, Beijing, February 5 (Reporter Gao Kai) The TV series “Douluo Dalu” adapted from the most read and most topical novel of the same name by Tang Sanshao will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV-8 TV drama channel and Tencent Video from the 5th Out.

Thirteen years have passed since “Douluo Continent” was first released in 2008. With the growth of generations of fans, every flesh and blood youth in the original book’s adherence to friendship and family affection is moving. The conveyed spirit of facing up to difficulties, striving and enterprising inspires young audiences. This intergenerational transmission of positive energy has also become a guide for the unstoppable feelings among the fans of “Douluo Dalu”.

The TV series “Douluo Dalu” is starred by Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi, and Chen Yiru, Qiu Xinzhi, Zhong Zhentao are invited to star, and Zhu Zhu and Gao Taiyu are invited to perform.

The screenwriter Wang Juan is known for his relaxed, suspenseful and youthful creation style. He has adapted high-quality plays such as “Celebrating More Than Years”, “The Youth of the Great Song Dynasty”, and “Mufu Fengyun”.

The growth and emotional portrayal of the Seven Slack Monsters in “Douluo Dalu” is one of the highlights of the series. They get rid of the facial makeup model in the legendary youth dramas. Their growth and emotional changes are real and vivid. Seven young people with excellent talents and different personalities come from different places, with different dreams and pursuits. A group of angular and incompatible people become close friends in the collision. The TV series exquisitely showed the qualitative change of their friendship. The huge emotional contrast frees up enough space for character portraying and character growth, and the growth of friendship is vividly presented on the screen. (Finish)Return to Sohu to see more

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