The truth about the alleged love triangle between Jenni Rivera, her daughter “Chiquis” and Esteban Loaiza

Jenni Rivera, Chiquis and Esteban Loaiza were targeted in 2010 (Photo: Special)

After this Sunday Multiple media outlets spread the news that Esteban Loaíza, the former Mexican Major League pitcher, had been released from prison In Seattle, Washington, the report emerged that the Tijuana native is still serving his sentence after being arrested in June 2018 for possession of 20 kilos of cocaine, in order to distribute it.

According to Federal Bureau of Prisons, who was the husband of the remembered Jenni Rivera He is still being held at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center, and his release date continues to be set for August 8, 2021.

It was said that the twice All-Star With the Chicago White Sox he had received a reduction in his sentence, or that his freedom was due to the fact that he belongs to a group vulnerable to the coronavirus, because he suffers from diabetes. However, with this information, it is presumed that Loaiza continues as a convict in the SeaTac prison.

Esteban Loaiz is serving a sentence for possession of narcotics (Photo: AP)

Esteban Loaiz is serving a sentence for possession of narcotics (Photo: AP)

With this information, Loaiza’s name came up in the world of entertainment, as there were not a few netizens who remembered the chapter of his life where he was involved in controversies and interdictions related to “The big lady”.

Almost seven years after the band singer left this world in a tragic way when the plane in which she was traveling with part of her team crashed, her romance with the former baseball player has resonated again. Who had a professional life full of successs managing to sell more than 25 million copies of his albums, he also released several bitter episodes in his personal lifel, many of which were lived in the public eye.

In 2008, Jenni Rivera met who would be her third husband, the athlete with whom he lived a bittersweet story that began “as in a fairy tale” until culminating in a controversial controversy in the media. They were married in 2010 before 800 guests in a dream ceremony that was captured by the cameras and televised in the so-called “wedding of the year”, as was also advertised in the pages of the magazines.

His marriage with Rivera ended in the middle of the scandal (Photo: File)

His marriage with Rivera ended in the middle of the scandal (Photo: File)

Both characters were happy and looked so in love that it was easy to venture to predict that they would last many years, even in some concerts of “The diva of the band” the athlete was seen with her on stage, before the excitement of his fans.

In 2012, just two years after their publicized marriage, Jenni Rivera filed for divorce, generating a stir in the public, who saw them as a very solid couple. Jenni’s abrupt decision generated astonishment, mostly for her reasons: “What happened after 2 years of marriage, was it really the realization that things were not as you thought. That is what happened “, once told the program The fat and the skinny.

“For a woman like me, being aware of certain activities of some people is enough to have made the decision that I did”, he said, and when asked if there was a third person involved in his decision, he said: “No, mind you, there were no fights, there was no abuse. On September 21 I realized some things that at least this woman who is sitting in front of you does not tolerate, I do not tolerate that kind of thing, actions, and I do not need to be married to someone because of what they will say and I was not afraid to take this step. The things that were done against me were so serious that I cannot accept them, ”he said.

Their marriage only lasted two years and ended abruptly (Photo: File)

Their marriage only lasted two years and ended abruptly (Photo: File)

This information generated rumors that the interpreter had allegedly discovered that Loaiza had been unfaithful to her with her daughter, Janney Marín Rivera, known as Chiquis Rivera, but this theory has never been confirmed. Even the late singer came to think that her first-born had betrayed her by relating to her husband at that time.

Last May, Laura Lucio, Jenni’s biographer, revealed a possible “clue” about the alleged relationship between Chiquis and Loaiza, since assured that what sowed doubt in the singer was the fact that six weeks had been erased from the recording tape from the security cameras in Jenni’s room.

“Worst of all and the thing that made Jenni doubt the most is that they were almost erased from Jenni’s security camera for six weeks. That makes anyone doubt “assured who was her close friend.

“Chiquis” Rivera recently recovered after being infected with COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @chiquis)

Even Abigail Rivera, daughter of Lupillo Rivera, accused her cousin Chiquis of having cheated on Jenni with Loaiza, and it was said that Elena Jiménez, a jeweler who would have also been a friend of the singer, participated in an alleged intimate trio with those involved, although this information was never confirmed.

For his part, Gabriel Vázquez, ex manager of the singer, revealed a few weeks ago that It was an alleged blurred video recording that caused the mistrust of the remembered singer. Gabriel assured that he was completely sure that Chiquis did not do what for years has been criticized, and that he would never have been able to disappoint his mother’s trust.

The former baseball player always denied being intimately involved with his ex-wife's daughter (Photo: File)

The former baseball player always denied being intimately involved with his ex-wife’s daughter (Photo: File)

“It did not. Knowing Chiquis I can tell you and I can assure you that she did not, but Jenni was very suspicious, I know two people who also saw the video and say that absolutely nothing would be seen ”, he explained.

Although both “Chiquis” as Esteban have denied the situation and denied what is said about them on different occasions, the fans of “the neighborhood butterfly “ They have always speculated about a possible betrayal of a daughter for her mother and the subject has not yet been closed for them.


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  1. To the Rivera family, my thoughts and prayers are with you for your loss. I can not stop thinking of Jenni and the impact she had on me emotionally. In many ways I can emphasize with her pain. She is an inspiration of strength for women and she will be truly admired forever! Her life was too-short, which makes me feel so sad, but she experienced more than a lifetime of painful truths. The best wishes to you and your beautiful family. Sincerely yours, Christina Prete❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I have been watching the Netflix series, Mariposa De Barrio, and WOW….I never knew how much pain this family has endured, But God, has restored their lives, and they have progress with courage, stength, and forgivenness.
    Lord bless this family.

  3. Poor Chiquis getting accused of such a horrible thing she is so strong. I dont know if i could have forgiven my aunt for believing id do something like that.

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