The Truth about Dara Ekimova Unveiled

After grabbing her first win last Sunday in “Like Two Drops of Water” in the image of the inimitable Celine Dion, Dara is ready for her next star incarnation.

“I don’t know how well I did because I don’t have an objective point of view. But the truth is that worry eats up a large part of all the work you put in. In my case about 30%. But with each subsequent appearance on the stage of “As Two drops of water’ worry rates decrease. And in the end, you can see the work. Because each and every one of us is making a ferocious effort. It was hard for me to make my performance look like Celine Dion’s. I was worried because she is a very high ball. It is a matter of effort and training to deal with such an image. I tried to get as close to her as possible.”

Dara told NOVA that when preparing for the impersonations, he watches many different performances of the characters. Lives, clips and whatever is on the internet. However, she admits that she is very self-critical and that in the case of Celine Dion, she tried rather to recreate her live performance.

“My fans have supported me once again. They’ve been waiting for me since lunch outside the hall and it’s great. We take pictures and talk before rehearsals and make-up preparations. It’s great and they give me a lot of courage.”

“This week I will be impersonating Right Said Fred. The challenges of the show are huge, but The Drops is a great experience. You have no idea how dedicated the people who work on this show are.”

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