the trial opens this Monday, September 5 in Montargis

The two professors who sprinkled Jean-Michel Blanquer with whipped cream will be tried, this Monday, September 5, at the Montargis criminal court. The unions are calling for a rally to support their colleagues.

They will soon be fixed on their fate. Christophe and Olivier, the two teachers who sprinkled Jean-Michel Blanquer with whipped cream on June 4, will be tried by the Montargis criminal court on September 5 from 1:30 p.m.

These two longtime friends had found themselves at the heart of the news by attacking the former Minister of National Education and still a candidate in the legislative elections, during a visit to the Montargis market.

We wanted to denounce the suffering of students and teachers. It also made it possible to talk about National Education in the media“, assumes, even today, Christophe, one of the two teachers implicated.

If the scene was widely mocked on social networks, it did not make Jean-Michel Blanquer laugh at all. The former minister decided to lodge a complaint against the teachers, leading to the opening of an investigation by the Montargis prosecution for “aggravated intentional violence”.

The fear of a judgment “for example”

Placed in custody for nearly eight hours, the two teachers admitted the facts while swearing that they had not premeditated their action. From now on, they are worried about being condemned heavily: “There is inevitably apprehension even if one is combative. I hope justice will not seek to make examples of us“, confides Christophe.

One thing is certain, their absence from court on July 4 may not work in their favor. Summoned as part of a so-called plea-guilty procedure [qui permet de diminuer les frais dépensés en cas de procès et de bénéficier d’une sanction moins lourde, ndlr] neither the two professors nor their lawyer honored the appointment, invoking a request for a postponement of the hearing. “They had to show up to be able to request the postponement”had then retorted Loïc Abrial, the Public Prosecutor of Montargis.

We do not support the gesture, but we support what our colleagues wanted to denounce

Laurianne Delaporte, departmental secretary SNUipp-FSU

The guilty plea procedure could not be completed, so it will be up to the Montargis Criminal Court to render a decision on Monday. The two teachers will be able to count on the support of several unions (Sud, FSU, CGT, Fnec-FP-FO) who have already called for a rally in front of the court, this Monday at 1 p.m., to support their colleagues: “We do not support the gesture, but we support what our colleagues wanted to denounce“, explains Laurianne Delaporte, the departmental secretary SNUipp-FSU. The two “singing teachers”as they like to call themselves, face a maximum sentence three years’ imprisonment.

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