The trial of the crime in Mi³oszyce. The victim’s parents to the Headquarters: “WON od Ma³gosia”

Tomasz Komenda was arrested in 2000, and in 2004 sentenced by a court of second instance to 25 years in prison for rape and murder 15-year-old Małgorzata K. The crime took place on the night of December 31, 1996 and January 1, 1997 in Miłoszyce. The girl was spending New Year’s Eve at the local Alcatraz disco. In the morning, her body was found near the premises.

Komenda spent 6,540 days in prison, where he fell victim to mental and physical abuse. He tried to take his own life three times. On May 16, 2018, Tomasz Komenda was acquitted by the Supreme Court, which decided that the evidence clearly excludes his perpetration.

The trial of the Miłoszyce crime. The victim’s parents still blame Tomasz Komenda

The trial of Norbert Basiura (he agrees to publish the image) and Ireneusz M., accused of raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl, was completed in a court in Wrocław on Tuesday. The prosecution demanded 25 years in prison for Basia and life imprisonment for M.

Closing speeches were delivered by the defendants’ defense lawyers and the victim’s parents. One of the lawyers said that in his opinion three people had taken part in the Miłoszyce crime. Then, as he informs, the parents of the 15-year-old were to shout: Command.

The mother of the murdered 15-year-old said that Tomasz Komenda should return to prison – he says “Gazeta Wrocławska”. The teenager’s father said that the film about Tomasz Komenda: “25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda” it is “a disgrace of the judiciary”. – Let this child lie quietly in the grave – he said, quoted by WP. Małgorzata K.’s parents tried to block production a few months ago to no avail. Krzysztof K. filed a lawsuit against the producer of the picture, TVN.

During a break in the hearing, the victim’s parents organized a picket in front of the court. “WON from Małgosia. You all prey on her death”, “The final and definitive judgment. It was Małgosia who raped and murdered the actor Tomasz Komenda” – read the slogans on the banners. There were also posters criticizing TVN, as well as the defender of the Command, Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski.

Command to the father of the victim of the Miłoszyce crime: if he slanders me, we will meet in court

Tomasz Komenda, who on Saturday was a guest of the “Dzień dobry TVN” program he turned to the father of 15-year-old Małgorzata K. – I would like to address the victim’s father that he will slander me once again and say that I am the real perpetrator who hurt their daughter, we will meet in court. I warn you for the last time that I will see some entries again … I feel sorry for you, but it was not me who hurt your daughter – he said.

The command is fighting for compensation from the State Treasury for lost years. He demands a million zlotys for each year he has spent unfairly in prison. During the premiere of the film about his life, Komenda proposed to Annie Walter, with whom he is expecting a child.

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