The tremendous confession of Cuti Romero

The Argentine national team defender was about to hang up his boots at age 17 and revealed that it was the fault of his team leaders.

It imposes security, that’s how you see it Cristian Romero every time he puts on the shirt of the Argentina Selection and that of his team. However, the story with happy present has a past full of obstacles that ended in a place very close to the bye forever to football.

He started his professional career in 2016 with the jacket of Belgrano of Córdoba, barely fulfilled their 18 years of age, but few know the previous path to reach that place. Since the 13 that Holiday represents the Pirate in the lower, and there came a point in his young journey in which he doubted seriously if I should continue.

“When I think of all that I have accomplished, a tear falls. Some time ago I thought about giving up football and today all this happens to me ”. “At 17, the Belgrano leaders threw a lot of shit at me and told me a lot of things. When I signed with Genoa, they told me that after three months I would have to look for work again in Córdoba. Those words are saved forever “ confessed the defender of Tottenham in dialogue with ESPN F90.

“At one point in Belgrano I no longer played and logically wanted to go. I am a fan of the club and it hurts, they are things that I will never understand. It was a very hard year, but I came out stronger ” said Romero, which was bought by the Genoa on 2018, after just 19 matches in the Cordoba box.



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