The train cost must not exceed 30 baht proudly Thai joins TDRI-MRTA to dissect the cost.

Talks Pride Thai dissection of the train cost The current release is really expensive. When “Siripong” keeps an eye on Bangkok increases the cost of the green line ticket. Sued the court at that time, “Saree Ong Somwang” pointed out that everyone must be able to use it. Recommend to reduce to 10% from the minimum wage. “Department of Rail” raised the concept of commercial development income to subsidize. The MRTA revealed the electric train in the network, the price does not exceed 42 baht, agreeing that the green line is back to the state. “TDRI” offers a large demolition of every train concession. Set the fare structure as a single rate.

On March 4, 2021 at the Pride Thai Party There was a discussion on the topic “Slicing the appropriate train cost” by Mr. Pakapong Sirikantaramas, Governor of the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA), Mr. Kittiphan Panchan, Director-General of the Department of Rail Transport (Khor. Ror.), Mr. Siri Pong Angkasakulkiat, MP Srisaket, Bhumjaithai Party, Ms. Saree Ong Somwang, Secretary General of the Consumer Foundation, Mr. Kongsak Chuenkrailas, Mass Transit Project Coordinator Foundation for Consumers and Mr. Sumeth Onkittikul, Research Director of Transport Policy and Logistics Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)

Fire the electric train, everyone must be able to get on

Siripong Angkasakulkiat said the current cost of living is a heavy burden for Prachachara. And must admit that The current cost of electric trains is expensive. And today, the electric train is not a matter related to only the people of Bangkok. But it’s a matter of everyone

Because in Bangkok, there are up to 50% of the population in the provinces come to live, work and study. This group of people will have to bear the same fare as the BMA as well, so the electric train system should be a system that everyone can access. Not just some people

Smash Bangkok up the fare on the green line

Especially the Green Line Metro Project In which Bangkok is directly supervised Which has a high price, with the latest Bangkok concept to collect the fare between 16-104 baht, announced on January 15, 2021, the past makes the electric train a system that some people can only rise. Not conducive to everyone

As representatives and politicians of the people, there must be a solution to this. Therefore, the Administrative Court filed a suspension of the 15-104 baht fare increase in conjunction with the party MPs in Bangkok and 6 neighboring provinces to join the filing together.

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Ready to sue again if Bangkok increases the price

However, on February 12, 2021, the Central Administrative Court dismissed the petition because BMA announced the postponement of the fare collection on February 8, 2021 and is considered to have alleviated the suffering.

“But as an MP Will continue to keep an eye on this matter Because there is still an opportunity to increase the fare in the future Because the order on February 8, 2021 is only postponed Did not cancel the announcement on January 15, 2021, the original version, if when BMA announces the new fare. Is ready to go and file a complaint with the administrative court again for sure “

The Railway Department recommends pulling out commercial income for the ticket price.

Mr. Kittiphan Panchan, Director-General of the Department of Rail Transport (Khor. Keep by distance (Distance-based Fare) The original fare calculation since 2001 has an entrance fee of 10 baht and a fare per km of 1.8 baht, and the current entrance fee is 14 baht, but the fare collection is limited to the maximum fare. With MRTA setting a maximum frame not exceeding 42-44 baht

“Come see Bangkok, besides the main line, there should be a sub-line such as a monorail-feeder to reach the station, so the fare should be accessible. Which one option is Solving commercial matters To use this part of the income to subsidize the fare Which foreign countries use money here to subsidize fares up to 30%, which we have not been to that point yet. But must continue to do so “

Push the Royal Thai Railways Act through the cabinet this October

In addition, the department is currently pushing the Rail Transport Act. Which is in the process of the ordinance Expected to expedite the cabinet meeting (Cabinet) and import a special decree By October. This 2021

MRTA protects the electric train in the network, not more than 42 baht

While Mr. Phakaphong Sirikantaramas, MRTA Governor, said that the fare calculation criteria in 2001 was set by looking at Electric trains are considered to be another level of transportation for people. Because at that time the average air bus fare was 8 baht, which was the fare that people were ready to pay.

As for the electric train at that time, most of them thought that It is a privilege more than a bus, so add 10 baht for the first entry (8 baht + 25% calculation formula) as the base for the initial fare setting.

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And from the distance-based fare collection structure of 1.8 baht / km, then add it And taken as a base for thinking in the Joint Venture Act at that time By calculating the current fare rate, an average annual inflation rate of 1.8% is taken into account.

By the train fare in the MRTA network The fare summary is as follows: Blue Line 17-42 baht, Purple Line 14-42 baht by walking across the Blue Line and Purple Line. Will collect the first entry fee There will be a maximum fare of 70 baht, which has the entrance fee of 14 baht when logged in again, pink and yellow lines. Use the same pricing structure Once the service is opened, the base fare will be adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Agreed, the green line is back to the state.

As for the green line, if after 2029 it returns to the state, it is a good thing. It is an investment project (Brownfield) because it is the backbone project of Bangkok. More passengers 800,000-900,000 Travel people / day from the pre-COVID period Which should take profits from this part to subsidize new projects that still have a loss (Greenfield)

Pointing out to think again, the electric train has to be able to get on everyone

Meanwhile, Ms. Saree Ong Somwang argued that the current price of train fares was expensive and unfair to consumers. Personally, I think I have to change my way of thinking because in the future people will no longer travel only on a single train line. And as more and more people live in the suburbs Getting to work in the city is one suffering.

The fare must not exceed 10% of the minimum wage.

Therefore, it is suggested that the train fare collection rate must not exceed 10% of the minimum wage or approximately 30 baht and should not adhere to the CPI criteria for raising prices. Instead, stick to the minimum wage increase in price increases, otherwise the people’s wages will not go up at all because the CPI index increases every year.

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Point out, Bangkok never clarified where 65 baht came from

In addition, the matter of the train concession, I think everyone should go up. And you should not just think about how much the state will get in return. Should not be viewed as an alternative which is no longer Price is therefore an important factor.

Which previously proposed to Bangkok and Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTSC) already stated that the maximum fare of 65 baht has no place to go. But according to the data of the Ministry of Transport The fare should only be set at 49.83 baht, which will bring profits to the state in the year 2602 to 380,200 million baht, but Bangkok has never had a fare model present.

“And the Foundation for Consumers thinks the fare is calculated by deducting half of the remaining 25 baht, Bangkok still has enough money to send to the state up to 23,200 million baht, which is considered still possible. Even if the contract is renewed in advance for 30 years to the year 2602 “

TDRI recommends removing the concession – the ticket must be a single system.

Finally, Dr. Sumethong Kittikul commented that Personally, there is a proposal. Need to review the concession agreement in a big way, how it was done. In the past, the government was the Ministry of Transport and Bangkok. Develop separate projects in different networks Causing problems that will follow When the project is split up, the fare will also be split. The fare should therefore have one system like Tokyo. Japan There are only two types of electric train systems, the Tokyo Metro for urban use and the Japan Railways Group (JR) for suburban and non-urban use. Which is not a separate form in Thailand And charge the fare together

If possible, the concession contract should use the same fare for all. Admitting to being difficult But if you don’t start today Then waiting for the original concession to be exhausted, it was too late

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