The Tragic End of Liliana Aleshnikova: Heartbreak and Scandal in Soviet Cinema

Her heart gave out after the talk show scandal.

Liliana Aleshnikova starred in many Soviet films, which can be safely called hits of that time. Among them are “The City Lights the Lights” and “Adult Children”. She had everything that millions of girls dream of: universal love, fame, a successful film career, a beloved husband and son. But was it really so cloudless in the life of an actress?

Liliana was born in the family of a ballerina and an actor. But she was raised by her stepfather, the most ordinary engineer, whose last name she bore. After school, the girl decided to enter VGIK, because she dreamed of an acting career. And she couldn’t. Then she went to the Shchukin Theater School. Shortly after entering, she began to be offered film roles, and this almost put an end to her training. Later, the aspiring actress finally realized that the theater was not for her and went to the cinema.

In 1960, she became the wife of a famous director and then played only in his films. However, family happiness did not last long. During the next filming, Aleshnikova’s husband got into a terrible accident. And the actress herself in an instant became gray-haired. It took many years to restore health. And after that, she was never able to fully return to work. The last picture with Liliana came out in the mid-80s. And then she completely disappeared.

The actress herself explained this by the fact that she does not see herself in a new time, in new working conditions. And from the outside it seemed that she was quite satisfied with her life. However, the sensation-hungry television people did not want to leave her alone. After refusing to participate in the scandalous talk show, Aleshnikova was put on a real hunt. And as a result, the whole country heard that the actress was in a terrible state and, moreover, was suffering from alcoholism. Liliana could not stand such shame and slander, and after a few days her heart stopped.

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