The tragedy in Garki. Two people on a motorcycle were hit by the train

Two people traveling by motorcycle were fatally hit by a train in the Greater Poland town of Garki, Cpt. Marcin Rosik from the fire brigade in Ostrów.

The event took place on Sunday at 8:37 pm at an unguarded railway crossing in Garki in the Ostrów district.

Two people were riding a motorcycle, hit by a passenger train from Wrocław to Warsaw.

It is known to be two residents of Garki aged 30 and 35.

There are 90 passengers on board, “which will be handled by the railway security guard” – explained Cpt. Marcin Rosik from the fire brigade in Ostrów.

He added that “so far nothing else is known about the case; the emergency services are just reaching the scene.”

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