The tragedy in Bohumín, according to criminal investigators, this man started a fire

“We took turns for five years, I went to work instead of him yesterday, today I’m at work instead of him, so a normal person,” a colleague described the suspicious man, adding: “It was a short circuit, I don’t know how to say it, just switched him suddenly and it was. “

Baník’s rock fan Karviná previously worked as a miner. According to neighbors, his family life was accompanied by a number of problems. Years ago, he lived with his family in a house by the railway in nearby Dolní Lutyň. It is said that one of his sons was supposed to have committed suicide.

He allegedly did not have a good relationship with his other son either. He even had to show his neighbors a gas pistol. “He said that two years ago, he said he would kill them all,” the neighbor described.

According to neighbors, he also had problems in his marriage. About a month ago, his wife moved in with his son, which could have been a trigger. “It may be one of the factors, but there may also be personality traits of the person, because not everyone reacts in this aggressive way,” explained Štěpán Vymětal from the psychological department of the Ministry of the Interior.

According to psychologists, it is not yet possible to say exactly what could have provoked such a brutal act. The exact motive and possible psychiatric diagnosis of the suspect will be determined by the investigation.

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