The traffic light indicates nine risk areas. The big foci are Prague and the Moravian – Silesian region, said Rov | Home

In the Czech Republic, the districts with the mountain epidemic situation of covidem-19 not grade 1 are not marked green, of which there are nine. These are Prague, Prague-west, Prague-entrance, Ostrava-city, Karvin and Frdek-Mstek and according to Brno-city, Jihlava and Prachatice. Other districts are white, ie without risk. On Monday, the Ministry of Health presented the so-called traffic light for the first time, ie a map of the district according to the epidemiological situation, at the press conference.

The value is 25 parameters. They are the result of a weekly summary of the daily follow-ups. The final decision on a given degree is the input of the expertise of epidemiologists and hygienists, said Jarmila Rov, the main hygienist.

Although new cases occur in the green-marked regions, the disease does not occur in the community. The ministry’s recommendations from last week indicate that the hygienic stations there should recommend the use of protective equipment and disinfection, activate information lines or send the city and the laboratory, which, for example, happens in Prague for about two weeks. Hospitals can then reduce nvtvy.

According to the ministerial recommendations, people should avoid contact with people with symptoms, have their hands regularly, do not touch the area, keep a distance from strangers or wear noen even where they are not obligated. People who notice signs of respiratory illness should stay home, limit contact with family nurses, and call their practitioner over the phone to decide what to do next.

According to the director of the state of health information and statistics (ZIS) Ladislav Duk, 4597 people with covid-19, which is a large number, were newly diagnosed in July. The big one is at the expense of the Moravian-Silesian region and Prague, said Duek. According to him, however, the people must be very young in hospitals. 237 people were newly hospitalized and 33 of them had a high course. About half of the hospitalized were people over 65 years of age, the elderly had 26 external out of a total of 33 for the whole month.

According to the editor of the Hygienic Station of the Capital City of Prague, Zdeky Jgrov, the incidence of the virus in Prague will always be in other hundreds of countries. According to them, the capital is on the border between green and the hormone of the yellow degree. Since last Monday, there have been an average of 56 new diagnoses per day, one patient’s current infection between 1.29 and 1.5 more hunters, as well as the Central Bohemian Region, which is strongly associated with the metropolis. According to the case without a proven source of infection, about 18 percent, which we consider to be tolerable, added Jgrov.

New cases are often related to groups of young people, such as the outbreak at the Techtle Mechtle Club with more than two hundred nakaenches, or agency staff. Bohuel forgets to keep distances where it is possible. As soon as you allow it, the veils will definitely be worn again in above-ground public transport, said Jgrov.

The traffic light flashed at first. He pointed out the risks of the area.

The traffic light determining the risk level will be updated by the Ministry at weekly intervals. The risk of infection is divided into the following color grades, green, yellow and red, on the basis of which the admissible pill will be provided against coronavirus. According to Rov, the orders that you also got from your vacation are negligible in the overall sweat.

As soon as you allow it, the ducts in Prague will be worn again in public transport surfaces. People should keep their distance, she said of hygienic dust.

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