The traders are determined to open but want “rules” (confederation)

The traders are “mobilized“And”firmly resolved to openAfter May 11, but ask for “rules of the game“Declared on Saturday the president of the Confederation of the traders of France, Francis Palombi.

For now, the mindset of traders is not to go bankrupt, on the contrary, they want to open, they are in the starting blocks“Said Francis Palombi on Europe 1. The president of the Confederation of the traders noted that there was currently a”strong support effect»Of the public authorities.

The sum that solidarity represents has been paid, it is planned again for the month of April and probably for the month of May“, He said. “We are firmly determined to open (…) we are mobilized“, But “sometimes very worried under what conditions“Added Francis Palombi who believes that”government does not always provide concrete, immediate answers

Protection will be required“Insists Francis Palombi, who asks the public authorities”that the rules of the game are well advanced” “We are putting in place devices, we are activating so that everyone has the directives of the State, that everyone has (masks), (protections)“, He stressed.

Regarding the rents of traders, file on which a mediator, Jeanne-Marie Prost, was appointed Thursday by Bercy, Francis Palombi wished “that the amount of the rents at the time of the recovery (…) be progressive” “A store that is minus 40%, minus 50% and which has rent (at) 100% as before the crisis, it cannot economically work“, He said.

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