“The track is so dangerous”

Two brothers, 26 and 20 years old, were hit on the new cycle path of via Tuscolana in Rome, at street number 462, by a scooter traveling on the lane dedicated to bicycles.

To report the fact, it is the father of the two young people who, a RomeToday, he also wanted to underline the danger of the bike lane: “This time it went well, but the fright was a lot. These situations must never happen again, unfortunately there is a lack of civic sense and now the cycle path seems to have become a preferential lane for scooter”.

The incident occurred at 4.30 pm on Thursday 24 September. Right in front of the Bank of Italy headquarters, a Piaggio Beverly scooter, which was traveling on the cycle path created in recent months by narrowing the main roadway, hit the two brothers.

According to the findings of the first scientific findings by the agents of the Appio Group of the Local Police of Rome, the vehicle, for reasons to be ascertained, lost control and collided with a parked Opel Corsa, hitting the 26-year-old first and then the boy from 20 years.

Bike lane Tuscolana, via the dangerous parking lots

The scooter driver was rescued in code 2 at the San Giovanni hospital in Rome. Is not serious. The two boys, on the other hand, later went to the hospital and, as their father told RomaToday, they were medicated: “My youngest son will have it for 20 days, the other has had a prognosis of seven days but will do other tests. . Let’s hope we didn’t hurt his knee, it’s painful “, he says with a sigh of relief:” It could have been worse, but these episodes are unacceptable. “

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The man, shortly after the investment, commented on Facebook: “Thanks to the municipal administration that gave me this scare with this cycle path. The unconsciousness of some motorcyclists should be severely punished”. And again: “The cycle path is a splendid thing but it cannot be installed by chance”.

BikeLane Tuscolana: manholes and parking areas make the cycle path unsafe

A concept that he also wants to reiterate to our daily newspaper: “Whoever designed that cycle path has not the slightest perception of the territory. I don’t know, he really knows, he never came here. I have always been cycling, I am not against the track. Indeed, but the works must be done wisely. Yesterday even the ambulance had to make several complicated maneuvers to reach my children and the scooter driver “.

Then, again: “It is not the first time that those who drive a scooter cross the lane. Unfortunately, they lack civic sense. Many of the inhabitants of the neighborhood consider it dangerous, not just me. Whoever designed the track in that way knows it is dangerous to go to throw out the garbage because you risk being run over? It went well for us, tomorrow or in the next few months someone else could be much worse “, explains the parent thanking” the police of Rome Capital for their great professionalism, the rescuers and all those who wished good luck to these guys who have had a bad and absurd experience “.



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The Sulpl Roma – Diccap Roma union of the local police also commented on the episode: “The first responsible is the municipality that has never wanted to put into practice our request to equip each new cycle path with our staff on bikes to monitor it for everything the shift. Irregular stops and illegal journeys would have been nipped in the bud. Instead, it is better to always let us intervene later? “.


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