The TousAntiCovid application passes 10 million downloads

It is an important milestone that has just crossed TousAntiCovid. Launched on October 22, the app has, to date, been downloaded and activated by more than ten million people. That is four times more than the first version, StopCovid, released in June.

An audience which the Prime Minister is delighted with, believing that this app « is an essential link in prevention ”. AllAntiCovid is a success “, Cédric O agrees, but the Secretary of State for Digital is aiming even higher.

“TousAntiCovid saved lives”

He hopes for fifteen million downloads. This would increase the number of people warned by the application of possible contamination. They are, to date, a little more than 14,800 to have been. This is very good, insists Cédric O. We can therefore say that TousAntiCovid saved lives.

If the app found its audience, it is for three main reasons: it was put into service at the right time, unlike the first version. She received good support, especially from health professionals. It is full of very useful features, such as downloading travel certificates.

Parameter evolution

TousAntiCovid has just changed its parameters. Now contacts at a distance of one meter or less for at least five minutes, as well as contacts at a distance of up to two meters for at least fifteen minutes, with a positive person, who has reported in the application, are considered to be at risk. Previously, only an exposure less than or equal to one meter, lasting at least fifteen minutes, was taken into account.


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