The touching farewell of a YouTube star: “So long nerds”

“If you see this, I’m dead,” says YouTuber “Technoblade” in his final greeting. He died of cancer at the age of 23.

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“Minecraft” fans from all over the world will remember him and his voice. But it was up to his father to break the sad news of his death.

Technoblade, aka Alex, has died.

It was arguably the last video posted to the young American’s YouTube channel on Friday. In it, the father reads a message that the YouTuber is said to have written a few hours before his death.

«Hello everyone, this is Technoblade. If you see this, I’m dead. So let’s sit down and chat one last time.”

He was one of the most famous “Minecraft” video makers in the world, even if he never showed his face during his YouTube streaming sessions.screenshot: youtube

“If I had 100 lives again, I would choose to be Technoblade all over again because those were the happiest years of my life.”


The sad farewell video: “So long nerds”

Technoblade’s career began in 2013, as Spiegel Online writes. At that time, the American started his channel on YouTube, which grew to around eleven million subscribers.

In August 2021, Technoblade himself made it public that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Little was generally known about the private life of the YouTuber.



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