The Touching Act of a Swiss Tourist: Buying and Releasing a Lobster in Sardinia

The Touching Act of a Swiss Tourist: Buying and Releasing a Lobster in Sardinia

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Friday, 22 Sep 2023 17:15 IWST

Lobster illustration. (AFP/Chaideer Mahyuddin)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

There was something wrong with a tourist from Switzerland Italia. A female tourist ordered a lobster at a luxury restaurant in Sardinia, Italy for 200 euros or around Rp. 3.3 million.

However, the lobster was not for him to eat. At that time, the tourist asked the waiter to deliver the lobster to his table alive, so he could release it into the ocean.

Lobster at Gente di Mare Restaurant, on the Sardinian coast, is usually served with spaghetti or alla Catalananamely boiled crustaceans decorated with a concoction sauce containing tomatoes, onions, lemon, black pepper and salt.

However, this tourist probably had different thoughts when he saw the lobsters in the tank at the restaurant entrance. Instead of eating the lobster with typical restaurant spices, he chose to buy it alive without the slightest injury.

Together with her husband, she put the lobster she bought into a bucket and took it out to the dock to be released into the sea.

Before being released into the waters of Golfo Aranci, a bay in northern Sardinia, he stroked the lobster and said a few words. After touching the water, the lobster was seen swimming away.

“The woman came to our restaurant and was immediately surprised by the aquarium at our entrance,” said the restaurant’s owners, Antonio Fasolino and his brother, Gianluca, as quoted by Stuff.

“He asked me if he could untie the lobster and let it go into the sea. At first I thought he was joking, but then I saw he was serious. I said: ‘That’s no problem for me!'” he said.

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Fasolino weighed the lobster in the kitchen and told the couple the price. They agreed and immediately bought it.

The husband and wife insisted on freeing the lobster with their own hands, rather than asking the restaurant staff for help.

“He wanted to do it as a kind act. He seemed very touched and after that he hugged me,” said Fasolino.

Fasolino said that the lobster he bought was the largest in the aquarium and was expensive. The female tourist then released her lobster while her husband filmed the incident.


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