The torrent brought the apocalypse to a village in the Shumen region PHOTOS

Heavy rain accompanied by hail flooded the village of Zaychino Oreshe, which is part of the Shumen municipality of Novi Pazar on Saturday.

The heavy rains, which lasted one hour, caused material damage to the infrastructure in the village, took away whole pieces of asphalt from the streets, according to the municipality. Private properties are also flooded – residential and agricultural buildings, as well as agricultural land.

Photo: Trud bg

An organization has been set up to clear the street network and provide access for the villagers to the town hall and the grocery store.

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Representatives of the management of the Municipality of Novi Pazar, the employees of the Civil Protection and members of the Voluntary Formation of the Municipality of Novi Pazar were present.

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A 24-hour duty has been established to monitor the situation and take immediate action if necessary.
The measures taken are coordinated with the regional governor of the fire and police in Novi Pazar.

Photo: Trud bg

The damage caused by a natural disaster is yet to be assessed.

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