The topic is not a cure .. Shahira reveals the health of Mahmoud Yassin … video

“Shahira” added during a phone call to the ninth program via the Egyptian Channel 1, that any small detail affects his health, wishing his condition would not deteriorate, “and his sense in the world is sufficient.”

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Shahira noted that she is affected by the artist Mahmoud Yassin’s disease because she is ten years old and no one will feel what I feel in terms of the great artist.

It appealed to all citizens not to neglect to adhere to the precautionary measures; So as not to go back to the spread of corona again, hung: “I think on the coast there is no corona.”

And she added, “I don’t mind anyone who has come to Mahmoud Yassin for 5 months, even his children,” adding: “The matter came that Amr asked her to see him; But I refused because they are in contact … and I am also afraid of myself. “

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