The top eleven of the 8th day

After a three-week break in the Bundesliga, it’s finally time for the first eleven again! This time, three women from Wolfsburg made it into the team of the week. There are also two players from Frankfurt and one player each from Hoffenheim, Freiburg, Bremen, Duisburg, Essen and Leverkusen.

Marina Hegering

Marina Hegering is blossoming into a goalscorer. However, their defensive qualities are undisputed. / Christof Koepsel/GettyImages

TW: Friederike Repohl (Bayer Leverkusen) – Annoying that Bayer Leverkusen lost the away game against Favorit Frankfurt 0:1 in the last second. Even more annoying is that Lara Prasnikar’s direct free kick only ended up on goal because the Leverkusen Wall turned into Swiss cheese for some reason. The most annoying was the goal by the Bayer Repohl goalkeeper, who captured a great day and kept his colors in the game with several great saves. Too bad this great performance was not rewarded with a clean sheet!

IV: Sjoeke Nüsken (Eintracht Frankfurt) – The national team, like their concubine Sara Doorsoun, delivered a flawless performance in the 1-0 win against Werkself. Both on the ground and in the air, in direct duels as well as in terms of positional play, the Frankfurt center back proved insurmountable. The fact that Nüsken had the preference over her colleague was due to her impulses in the building game, in which she, as a trained midfielder, participated several times with clever passes.

IV: Marina Hegering (VfL Wolfsburg) – Marina Hegering is back in full force after her injury and since then the 32-year-old has impressively demonstrated why she can become an important part of the Wolfsburg squad. In attack she is a real weapon in set pieces, scoring three goals in two games in 90 minutes. A rate that any striker would be happy with! Hegering was there twice for crosses against Cologne, once dusted off she made it 3-0 with a powerful header. She was also flawless defensively and she never lost a duel. In this form, manager Tommy Stroot will not bench them in big games. Whether Kathrin Hendrich will then permanently move to the right is an exciting question. But it is also certain that Hegering should not be overloaded, which is why she was replaced at half-time against Cologne.

IV: Lena Ostermeier (SGS Essen) – The SGS kept the away game against FC Bayern open for a long time and had to accept the decisive 0:2 shortly before the end. The women of Essen owe this respectable result to a concentrated defensive performance, to which Lena Ostermeier made an important contribution. The 26-year-old excelled less in a direct duel than with careful positional play. In addition, Ostermeier made 75 percent of her passes to the women, following head coach Markus Högner’s team star Ramona Maier.

ES: Nina Lührssen (Werder Bremen) – Lührßen provided the goosebumps moment of the match day: In front of more than 20,000 spectators in the Weser Stadium and directly in front of the Bremen ultras in a good mood, he gave Werder the lead against Freiburg. And how: from a mid-right position, he turned the ball perfectly over the Freiburg wall into the right corner. The Freiburg women were probably expecting a cross, but Lührßen made perfect use of the fact that SC goalkeeper Rafaela Borggräfe was more in the centre. A very particular goal for the winger, who herself comes from Werder. “Ever since I was little, I wanted to play in this stadium,” said Lührßen after the game.

ZM: Janina Minge (SC Freiburg) – When it’s good, it’s good – there’s no other way to describe Freiburg midfielder Janina Minge’s season. After eight matchdays, she is in illustrious company – together with Ewa Pajor and ahead of Alexandra Popp – at the top of the scorers chart. And this despite the fact that Minge has not been known as the most dangerous player in the league in recent years. He has only scored ten goals in seven Bundesliga seasons. At the moment it looks like he could exceed this quota in a single season, with just three goals left after a brace against Werder. At the Weser Stadium, Minge kept his nerve twice, two low shots from the edge of the penalty area earning the three points for Breisgau. Minge himself could also answer the question of Magenta sports– Journalists aren’t really responding to what went into their magic potion, but they hope it stays that way.

ZM: Lena Oberdorf (VfL Wolfsburg) – Of course, a clearer player in the top eleven must not be missing. And there’s no getting around Lena Oberdorf, who kept midfield clean against Cologne. The fact that Oberdorf is back on the pitch after her shoulder injury is a stroke of luck for her and for VfL. The sigh of relief from the fans of the national team and Wolfsburg was probably also heard in the United States when it was announced that her injury did not seem as serious as initially feared. Oberdorf’s importance was already evident in the friendly against the USA when Germany visibly lost the thread after being replaced. Against Cologne, the short time out was not in sight, Oberdorf straddled everything as usual and put Effzeh under pressure in pressing.

CD: Antonia Halverkamps (MSV Duisburg) – Halvercamp, Halvercamp, Halvercamp again and again. The 22-year-old works tirelessly on the right wing at MSV Duisburg and has played a key role in the newly promoted side finding themselves in a sensational sixth place after eight games. The Duisburg native finally scored her first point against SV Meppen when she exemplarily served fellow Allie Hess in the penalty area.

Alexandra Pop

Alexandra Popp scored her fifth and sixth goals of the season against Cologne. / Christof Koepsel/GettyImages

ST: Ereleta Memeti (TSG Hoffenheim) – Erëleta Memeti really made it to Hoffenheim: after last weekend’s hat-trick in the German Cup against Leverkusen, she’s back to scoring three goals. In Hoffenheim’s 3-1 win against Turbine Potsdam, the winger was very active again, most of the attacks went through her. In the first half, TSG struggled with the wear and tear of chances, although Memeti was not to blame: in the 39th minute, she served Julia Hickelsberger-Füller beautifully in the center, but she only hit the crossbar. An assist from her then served in the second half: Memeti has a view to the left and finds Naschenweng on the edge of the area, who shoots one of her famous shots from distance: the ball was there. she closed the bag when she followed the corner she reacted faster in the fray. And Memeti started the 3-0 with a small dance in the Turbina penalty area – a very strong performance by the 23-year-old.

ST: Alexandra Popp (VfL Wolfsburg) – At the moment Alexandra Popp only enjoys playing football and keeps scoring goals. At Wolfsburg you have full freedom, you can move on the pitch and offer yourself. But when she counts, she’s on the spot in the middle and reliably achieves goals. To make it 2:0, Popp accepted a sugar pass from Waßmuth and she confidently converted, she at 4:0 she was able to dust off after their shot attempt. They probably won’t have been the last milestones resulting from this co-production. By the end of the match, Popp had moved up to sixth position and again performed very well there, winning ten of twelve duels.

ST: Lara Prasnikar (Eintracht Frankfurt) – After a last minute 1-0 win against Leverkusen, Lara Prasnikar can sing a song about how close joy and pain are in football. For a long time it seemed that the technically gifted Slovenian would give way as the game’s idiot. She has been too careless with her many great opportunities, both putting the ball close to the penalty area and finding her master in the Bayer Repohl goalkeeper. Then came the 93rd minute. Prasnikar set up the ball for a free kick, she spooked the Leverkusen ‘wall’ so badly that several gaps burst open and she dug the ball into the left corner of the goal for the much celebrated lucky punch.

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