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At the end of the first part of the season in the league, it is time for the first assessments. The time has come to judge the summer recruits of the French clubs. Before the opening of the winter transfer window, Maxifoot offers you its ranking of the worst transfers of summer 2021.

Ramos, biggest flop of the summer transfer window in Ligue 1.

After the first part of the season in Ligue 1, the editorial staff of Maxifoot got together to take stock of the last summer transfer window and offer you its ranking of the worst recruits of summer 2021. This ranking was made according to two criteria main: the talent and individual performance of the player, as well as his contribution to the collective up to 70%, and the financial investment (transfer amount and salary) of the club to recruit the player up to 30%.

For this classification of the worst operations, the expectation aroused around the player in question is also taken into account. Note that this list is only valid today. At the end of the season, some players will certainly have left this ranking. Conversely, others may have climbed the hierarchy, unfortunately for their clubs and supporters. Discover the Top 10 rat transfers for summer 2021 with the participation of Romain Rigaux, Damien Da Silva, ric Bethsy, Romain Lantheaume, Gilles Campos and Alexis Goudlijian.

1. Sergio Ramos (from Real Madrid to PSG) – Free transfer

His case was unanimous within the editorial staff: as of December 25, 2021, Sergio Ramos is a standard flop at Paris Saint-Germain. The reason is simple: we hardly saw him since his arrival since he appeared only three times. Braked by physical pain, and this even during his last season at Real Madrid, the 2010 world champion barely regained form. To make matters worse, he was expelled from Lorient for the club’s last outing from the capital … So certainly, the current leader of Ligue 1 did not spend a single penny to bring him. But we are entitled to expect much better from a player considered to be one of the greatest in his post. In any case, Florentino Prez should certainly not regret it …

2. Xherdan Shaqiri (from Liverpool Lyon) – Transfer from 11 M €

A nice flop mid-term. Let’s not be afraid to say it, his arrival in Lyon raised many questions. Despite a battered club career, Xherdan Shaqiri remains a well-known name in football. Bayern, Inter, Liverpool, the Swiss winger has a lot of experience. But in these teams, the one who is used to shining with his selection had rather a role of second knife. In a Rhone formation which seeks itself and where it is much more in the light, that turns out to be much more complicated. Difficulties on the physical level, an influence far too weak in the game, the man the only goal in 13 games seems to be a foreign body in the Gones. At 11 million euros (bonus included), with a big salary, the second most important of the club, it is expensive …

3. Loc Bad (from Lens Rennes) – Transfer of 17 M €

The grass is not often greener elsewhere … Loc Bad knows that now. After a very good season, his only Lens, the central defender took the plunge by disembarking Rennes. New club, new context but above all new tactical scheme and much greater exposure. An explosive cocktail that the player formed in Le Havre is struggling to digest for the moment. Dj passed in the hierarchy by the young Warmed Omari, the international Espoirs must whip to get playing time in a team that is doing quite well without him. A chaotic start (3 defeats in 8 tenures) which does not make it easy for him, he who must justify a very high transfer price, the fourth most expensive in the history of the Breton club …

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4. Myron Boadu (from AZ Monaco) – € 15 million transfer

Ligue 1 is not the Eredivisie. Myron Boadu probably knew that finding a more physical and tactical championship was going to be difficult at the start. But this point, probably not … Considered one of the greatest hopes of Dutch football, the striker through AZ has all the sorrows in the world to confirm this flattering status. He, who comes out of two seasons with 35 goals scored in 77 games has only shaken the nets twice since his arrival on the Rock: once in L1 against Angers, the other time in the Europa League … against PSV , on his native land. Difficult to impose himself physically, approximations in his gestures, the Oranje striker will quickly have to put on the heat to justify the 15 million euros spent to recruit him.

5. Georginio Wijnaldum (the Liverpool au PSG) – Transfert libre

How can such an important player Liverpool for five years, incidentally captain of the Netherlands national team, offer so little? The arrival of Georginio Wijnaldum, free of any contract, at Paris Saint-Germain, had all of a sudden: a player in the prime of life with a standard of experience but above all a rare profile, the meeting had to be ideal. After five months, one wonders if it really took place. Apart from an XXL performance against Leipzig (2-2), with a double, and a goal to save his team Lens (1-1), the Batavian showed nothing. The complete nant. As if he had set foot in a black hole from which he cannot escape. An infernal machine called Paris, which visibly manages to crush even the most informed …

6. Calvin Stengs (from AZ Nice) – € 15 million transfer

The offseason picking of Oranje was obviously not very good … Calvin Stengs is another example. Arrived with the reputation of the wisp, the Dutch winger has, like some of his compatriots, big problems to adapt to the French championship … With only one goal, against Saint-tienne, in 13 Ligue 1 games, the former AZ player is far too low. The Batavian seems too frail physically, too timid in his intentions and probably suffers from being only a pawn in the dense attack of the Gym. A start so poor that he saw Hicham Boudaoui, a defensive midfielder, steal his place on the right wing. The Aiglon will quickly have to harden the leather to avoid burning its wings too prematurely …

7. Jean Lucas (from Lyon Monaco) – Transfer of 11 M €

A transfer that still cannot be explained … How Monaco could have bet so much money on a player who has not shown anything since his arrival in France? Despite his very average passages in Lyon and Brest, Jean Lucas has managed to make a place for himself on the Rock, where he plays the liners of Aurlien Tchouamni and Youssouf Fofana. The concern is that the difference in level with its two partners is abysmal. A faulty technique, the impression of playing with safety shoes, the young midfielder does not really have the backsliding of many of his compatriots. Often used (21 games), the ex-Gone (0 goal, 0 decisive pass, 0 penultimate pass), showed absolutely nothing. And obviously, this will hardly be the case in the future. Unless there is a miracle …

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8. Fransergio (from Braga Bordeaux) – Transfer of 4.5 M €

Fransergio is above all a solid CV. Few players can boast of having played 192 league games, Portuguese in this case, in the space of 7 years. So, the Bordeaux supporters could legitimately hope for good things with the Brazilian environment. So far, they haven’t seen anything in 15 games. In the Gironde doldrums, the former Maritimo player has no footing and sinks game after game. Worrisome benefits for the oldest field player (31 years old), excluding defenders, of the Aquitaine club. His feats of arms this season? Four yellow cards, the highest total with Stian Gregersen and Enock Kwateng, who played much more than him. But also a goal. A goal scored … before his arrival, with Braga, in August …

9. Gerson (from Flamengo the OM) – Transfer of 25 M €

Will Gerson be a Marseille flop? Only the future will tell us. But after half a season, it’s hard to consider it a success. So yes, the Brazilian midfielder has the ball. This has been seen quite recently with a series of good matches, against Nantes and Brest in particular. But overall, the player passed by Flamengo does not yet offer the expected guarantees. Jorge Sampaoli’s tactical experiences do not really help him, of course, but the Phocen must show much more as a regular international recruited for 25 million euros … His accounting record (3 goals and 2 decisive assists) is not catastrophic. It remains nevertheless disappointing in view of its obvious qualities … Can’t wait for 2022.

10. Lionel Messi (from FC Barcelona to PSG) – Free transfer

The case of Lionel Messi has caused a lot of debate within the editorial staff. Some felt he must be very high in the rankings. Others didn’t want to put it on. Finally, he finds himself at the back of this TOP 10 in wild card. In the Champions League, the Argentine striker does not have much to be ashamed of, with 5 goals scored in the first round. But then, his performances in Ligue 1 … How can the reigning Ballon d’Or, who has never scored less than 25 league goals for the past 12 years, end the first leg with one goal in 11 games? of L1? Is the physical challenge too severe? Does he want to hurt himself? Does he want to save for C1? Questions for the moment without answer. Still, a player of his caliber must show much more … And it is not his tripling of decisive passes against the red lantern that is ASSE that will save his first game of the season completely missed on the French lawns.

They could also have made the list …

Other players could have joined this list. Arrived with a flattering reputation from Bayern, the goalkeeper Alexander Nbel does not give complete satisfaction on the part of Monaco. The left lateral Gabriel Gudmundsson, recruited for 6 M €, barely making his hole in Lille, like the winger Konrad De la Fuente, arrives from FC Barcelona for 3 M € but which did not succeed in confirming its good performances of the offseason.

What do you think of this ranking? Do not hesitate to react in the comments section below.


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