The TNI member who kicked Aremania during the Kanjuruhan tragedy apologizes


TNI commander Andika Perkasa confirmed that 4 of his subordinates had confessed to attacking Arema supporters during the Kanjuruhan tragedy. One of the audience highlights was a TNI member kicking a fan. A fan recorded the incident and the video went viral on social media.

Five days after the tragedy, a video circulated on Twitter, 2 people in TNI uniforms meeting fans who were kicked. They spoke to the family and a young man suspected of being a supporter of the victim who was kicked by a TNI member.

One of the TNI then explained that he had played the video to his men. He asks who made football.

“I asked who the culprit was, it turned out that with a knight he confessed,” he said, pointing to another TNI member next to him.

Head of Information for Kodam (Kapendam) V Brawijaya Major Kusdi confirmed the apology. It was also pointed out that the one in the video was the commander of Brawijaya Regional Military Command V, Maj. Gen. Nurchahyanto.

“Yes, that’s right, it was the military commander who went straight there, to the house of the kick victim. Yesterday afternoon. Accompanied immediately by the regional commander to apologize to the victim,” Kusdi said when he was contacted. detik JatimWednesday (5/10/2022).

Currently, Kusdi said, TNI personnel who admitted kicking him have been prosecuted in Pompdam. He is suspected of committing a disciplinary violation and faces a series of penalties.

“The person who soccer was legally tried at the Pompdam. The suspicion is a disciplinary violation, “Kusdi said.

In the video circulating on Twitter, Pangdam V / Brawijaya took the time to convey to the family and the football victims that the killer actually intended to apologize.

“Yesterday him looking for actually, I want to apologize, “the military commander said in the video.

Well, I want to meet you. It’s a mistake, I’m sorry (Yes, I wanted to meet you. I made a mistake, sorry, “added the kicking staff.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family responded to an apology from the military commander and TNI staff who kicked the child.

“If it’s a mistake, I don’t care. It’s not a problem. It’s not a problem. (If the child is wrong, I have no problem. If he gets hurt or rebels, I really have no problem. But my son’s position is of no use, sir) “said the mother of the fan of the” kung fu victim. ” “.

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