The ‘tinted ticket’ scam is back: this is how they try to keep your money | Society

The National Police have recently detained several people in different parts of the country for alleged scams through the ‘tinted banknote’ scam. From Ávila, where the authorities have arrested one of the alleged perpetrators of the scam for defrauding the victim 52,000 euros to Almería, where two other people have been arrested accused of defrauding up to 55,000 euros using this method that has become popular again during these last few weeks.

What is this scam? Its procedure is quite simple. First, the scammers explain to the victim that they have taken money out of their country by dyeing it black so that it would not be detected by customs. To verify the story, those responsible for the attack take out a sheaf of tinted papers valued at an amount of money that will vary depending on the person who carries out the coup. From smaller amounts up to 110,000 euros, as has happened recently in Ávila.

This is how scammers work: they use a series of reagents on black cards

Next, and with the aim of involving the victim in the coup, the scammers will explain that in order to clear up the counterfeit bills, it is necessary to insert authentic bills between them and subsequently apply a series of reagents. In this way, those responsible for the scam ensure that the black notes will regain their real appearance in a matter of seconds. To show that this is so, the scammers will start applying different chemicals to the tinted banknotes.

The attackers then wrap the banknotes in aluminum foil along with the real money contributed by the victim and they wait for the chemical reaction to occur. After verifying that the black card has been turned into a ticket like the one you have previously delivered, those responsible for the attack will hand it over to you along with the original that you loaned them at the start of the scam. In fact, and for you to verify it is a legal tender bill, they encourage you to go to a branch to clear up any doubts.

Scammers will invite us to buy one of their briefcases

After deceiving the victim, those responsible for the attack will encourage you to pay for the briefcase to launder the money along with several cards. However, this will not work as promised, thus leaving you without money and with a lot of cardboard without any value. But those responsible for the scam will have completely disappeared. Therefore, we will keep the briefcase but without the possibility of laundering that amount of money because they are nothing more than cardboard.

In short, and if you soon meet people who claim to have He took money out of his country by dyeing it black so that it would not be detected by customs, no matter what. It is just one more scam, like many others that occur during the summer, which aims to get your money.

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