The Times: Taiwan is amassing key supplies in response to the possible blockade of China

(Central News Agency reporter Chen Yunyu from London on 6th Special Report) In an interview with the British media “The Times”, Chen Zhengqi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy, said that Taiwan is accumulating key materials to make in the face of China, possible blockade against Taiwan and outbreak of conflicts in the Taiwan Strait.

According to a report released today by the Times, Chen Zhengqi stressed that in response to a possible military conflict, Taiwan has deployed reserves of food, energy and key materials, including those needed for production.

It revealed that Taiwan has established relevant systems and inventory inventories every month; food, key materials, minerals, chemicals, energy and other inventories must be able to support a period of time.

The chairman of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan in early August and Beijing used the pretext to increase military pressure on Taiwan by organizing large-scale military exercises around Taiwan and firing missiles at Taiwan.

Chen Zhengqi said that due to the impact of the outbreak, Taiwan’s pace of building reserves of key materials has slowed over the past two years, but the pace has increased in recent months. Chen Zhengqi did not disclose to the Times how large individual supplies of supplies would be needed in Taiwan to withstand a blockade or attack by Beijing.

Chiu Taisan, chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, told the Times that if Chinese President Xi Jinping successfully enters his third term, China would need to step up its coercion and intimidation against Taiwan to achieve its goal of controlling Taiwan. China will step up its so-called “anti-Taiwan independence” actions and advance “unification”.

Qiu Taisan analyzed that Beijing will use intimidation and coercion, gray area activities and international law to interfere or hinder Taiwan’s interaction and cooperation with the international community.

Despite political tensions with China, the Times noted that Taiwan has substantial trade with China. In this regard, Chen Zhengqi said: “It is a fact that China is our largest trading partner; it is also a fact that China is the largest factory in the world and the largest trading country.”

He stressed that based on these facts, “frankly, I don’t think we can completely separate ourselves from China in the short term”, which is “unrealistic”. (Publisher: Yang Zhaoyan) 1111007

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