Health The tiger mosquito is rampant in Île-de-France (except 95?).

The tiger mosquito is rampant in Île-de-France (except 95?).


Paris Vox – The tiger mosquito is present in Île-de-France. It is found in 58 French departments in total, only Val d’Oise is currently spared in the region.

Why is the presence of the tiger mosquito in Île-de-France problematic?

The tiger mosquito is present in Île-de-France. It is easily recognizable thanks to its black appearance with white stripes. It is smaller than a 1 cent euro coin.

Its presence is problematic because it reproduces quickly and can be a vector of diseases. Chikungunya, dengue or even Zyka are diseases of which this mosquito can be the carrier. They can transmit it to humans by pricking it.

There is no quick fix to keep the parasite away. However, care must be taken not to keep stagnant water points. The good gestures to adopt are reminded on the visual below:

Proliferation is problematic and everyone should adopt good reflexes in order to limit it.

Understanding this risk better

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Health authorities have put in place a platform to report the presence of tiger mosquitoes. However, care must be taken to identify the pest. Not every flying insect is a “tiger”.


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